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Workstation 7 – The Gold Standard in Desktop Virtualization – Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that VMware Workstation 7, the gold standard in desktop virtualization, is now available worldwide.

The team has been working long hours for almost a year to bring VMware Workstation 7 to you. VMware Workstation 7 features advanced capabilities to help developers, QA engineers, technical sales professionals, and IT administrators get up and running faster and streamline tasks that save time and improve productivity.

Key highlights include:

Best in Class Windows 7 Support. VMware Workstation 7 is optimized for maximum performance when running on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 PCs and works seamlessly with Flip 3D and Aero Peek to show live virtual machine activity.what's new - image-1

Only VMware Workstation supports Windows Aero

The Best 3D Graphics. VMware Workstation 7 is the first desktop virtualization product with Windows Aero support. Run even more 3D applications with DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.1 support in Windows virtual machines.

what's new - image 2 Playing Half-Life 2 in a Windows 7 VM

Development Made Easier. VMware Workstation 7 streamlines software development and testing with new IDE integrations for the SpringSource Tools Suite and Eclipse IDE for Java & C/C++ along with Record Replay Debugging improvements that make it faster to find non-deterministic bugs.

Workstation 7 and STS Spring into Java development with VMware Workstation 7


Most Advanced Virtualization Platform. Run 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems with up to four virtual CPUs and 32GB of RAM dedicated to each virtual machine. Secure your virtual machines with AES 256-bit encryption

Workstation 7 VM settings

Run the most demanding applications


Supports over 200 Operating Systems. VMware Workstation 7 delivers the broadest operating system support. Over 20 new operating systems including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Ubuntu 9.04 along with VMware vSphere 4 and VMware ESXi.

what's new - image 4

The ultimate sandbox to prep for your VCP exam

Check out the release notes for a complete list of new features.

Buy VMware Workstation 7 Now!

VMware Workstation 7 is available for $189 USD (electronic download) in the VMware Store and all authorized VMware Resellers.

Upgrade to VMware Workstation 7 Now!

Upgrades from VMware Workstation 5 or VMware Workstation 6 to VMware Workstation 7 are available for $99 USD (electronic download only) in the VMware Store and all authorized VMware Resellers.

What if I just bought VMware Workstation 6?

Customers who purchased VMware Workstation 6 from October 1, 2009  through November 30th, 2009 qualify for a free downloadable upgrade to VMware Workstation 7.

  • Customers that purchased VMware Workstation 6 from the VMware online store during this time period will be automatically sent a free electronic upgrade via email after 10/27. It may take up to 2 weeks to receive your free upgrade.
  • Customers who purchased VMware Workstation 6 through a VMware Reseller during this time period will need to fill out a form and provide proof of purchase. The free upgrade form can be found at www.vmware.com/go/freeworkstationupgrade. Customer will be sent the free upgrade via email once verified.  Fulfillment will take up to 2 weeks.

Enjoy VMware Workstation Today!

We hope you enjoy using VMware Workstation 7 as much as we did creating it.  We will share more details about VMware Workstation 7 on the Workstation Zealot blog over the next few weeks. 


The VMware Workstation Team

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10 thoughts on “Workstation 7 – The Gold Standard in Desktop Virtualization – Now Available!

  1. LT

    Wow. So this is why you were running a sale on 6.5 only a month and a half ago?
    Our team bought several copies, and only one has been installed and used. And now I find out that the upgrade price for 7 is practically what we paid for 6.5?!
    Buying the upgrades for those copies is now going to cost us (in total) more than buying a new copy of 7.
    Surely you can go back more than 30 days, or allow us to return the unused licenses, or come up with a smaller upgrade price for more recent purchases/versions?
    I like you guys and want to see you succeed, but the 6.5 sale so close to this release, and the high upgrade price smells a bit to me…
    Oh, and you might want to fix your blog post section that says “What if I just bought VMWare Workstation 7” (to 6).

  2. Scot K

    agreed. I just purchased mid september… what a rip…

  3. Blake Garner

    How about posting a trial key so people who have current enterprise support contracts can install Workstation 7 today?

  4. Jacob Caudill

    I agree completely with Michael. I purchased my 3rd copy of workstation in early September and feel left out in the cold by this extremely short free upgrade window that doesn’t even go back a month.
    I bought in September knowing that 7 was just around the corner, but feeling confident that I would be entitled to a free upgrade since 6.5 had such a long run and I bought so close to the end of it’s life.
    I would love to see a the window increased to 60 or 90 days and perhaps a half price upgrade for users who purchased in the 60-90(or 120) day window.

  5. Scot K

    Jacob, they did do a 60day window…. too bad it goes 30 days into the future =p

  6. Chris K

    This looks great. In fact, I’d like to hope it even fixes the BUG with using Unity on x64 versions of Vista and Win7.
    Totally upset that I’d have to pay $99 for it after buy 6.5 45 days ago. Seriously? Makes me really unhappy.

  7. Justin F

    I have to say that I agree with the other people who posted regarding the upgrade window. I work in the IT department for a school district and unfortunately we don’t have much of a budget. When the 6.5 sale was on, our department finally got approval to purchase 5 licenses for our small team. Now we are stuck with version 6.5! Come on VMWare, give us a break!

  8. Tom R

    I agree, this is rediculous. We took it for granted that the upgrade would be free when we purchased some licenses during the last few months.

  9. Rob R.

    Most uncool. I purchased the 5.0 to 6.5 upgrade on 9/10 and now I find out a) 5.0 to 7.0 is the same price and b) I’m not in the free upgrade window. If that’s how it is, I certainly won’t make the mistake of giving VMsnare any more of my money. Stay classy guys.

  10. JS

    Tom R — it’s hard to have sympathy for you when you spell “ridiculous” as “rediculous”. Big pet peeve.

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