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Workstation 7 Release Candidate Available!


Today, VMware has posted the Workstation 7.0 Release Candidate.  It is publically available for all of our customers and loyal fans to download and try out! 

The Release Candidate can be downloaded from: http://communities.vmware.com/community/beta/workstation

New versions of VMware ACE and VMware Player are also available (Player has a new twist that we are very excited about!!!!)

Some of the new features in the Workstation Release Candidate include (stolen from the marketing text…):

  • Full Windows 7 Host and Guest support including the ability to run Aero!  (kinda obvious from the pic above)
  • Improved 3D Graphics for Windows guests with OpenGL and Shader Model 3.0 support
  • Support for over many new OSs including Windows Server 2008 R2, Debian 5, and ESX (Yes, you can vMotion!)
  • Create Virtual Machines with up to four processors and/or four cores and 32 GB of memory
  • ThinPrint integration enables virtual printing and makes the host printers available within the guest
  • Smart Card enhancements to enable secure authentication
  • 256-bit AES encryption of your virtual machines
  • ALSA sound for Linux users!!!
  • Dynamic update of VMware Tools
  • Drag and Drop now works with formatted text, graphics and file attachments
  • AutoProtect your VMs with the ability to regularly schedule snapshots to be created
  • Pause a VM to instantly free up your processor
  • Replay Debugging is even more powerful and now works remotely
  • A redesigned Virtual Network Editor that is much easier to use

We can’t share our targeted release date (so please don’t ask) and we don’t have any pricing or upgrade information available yet, but we don’t anticipate a radical change from what we have today!  But we will keep you posted.

We look forward to getting your feedback, our team is closely monitoring the forums and are anxious to see what bugs you find!


8 thoughts on “Workstation 7 Release Candidate Available!

  1. tuxplorer

    Where’s the XP Mode equivalent improvement for the Unity feature (really seamless minus your own Start menu?) We don’t need an OS license, only the UI and experience similar to XP Mode (really seamless integration with the Windows taskbar and Start menu) so I can dump and start bashing Windows Virtual PC.

  2. jason joel

    I think running VMware Player is infinitely better than running XP Mode.
    It has all of the Virtual PC capabilities and supports multiple processors, runs faster, provides better graphics (just try running Quake 3 in XP Mode), displays on multiple monitors, and includes drag and drop.
    You can also use Player and Converter to virtualize your existing XP installtion and run it on Win 7 (avoiding the need to start from scratch and copy all of your files, re-install all of your applications and re-configure the OS)
    With that said, we are definitely working on this and have some great ideas – stay tuned.

  3. joe joseph

    Is vmnet switch or hub,if hub it be changed in managebale hub via GUI so that we can assign port on vmnet to OS NIC/NIC Enabled devices for crating VLANS,hope such a feature to Vmware WKS Would be Wonderful..

  4. Evolution

    I think there is a hub, because from any VM I can use WireShark to save all packets as a file or see them directly.

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