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Are you using “Teams” in VMware Workstation?

If not, you might be missing out on one of Workstation’s best features. 
Why?  Teams allows you to quickly simulate real-world multi-tier environments.  
This is very useful for individuals who develop, build, test, support or demo
multi-tier applications.

For example, let us assume that you want to run a multi-tier application
based on MySQL, Apache Tomcat and different browsers running on different
operating systems.  Traditionally you would need multiple physical machines to
set up such a configuration, but with VMware Workstation Teams, you can quickly
and easily accomplish this on a single PC.

Workstation’s “New Team Wizard” (File->New->Team) will guide you
through the process of selecting the VMs, setting up the LAN segments and
simulating real-world network performance by controlling network bandwidth and
packet loss rates on any network segment that connects two virtual machines in a

Try it out today and post your comments.  If there is reader
interest in the comments, I will create a quick video of how to create a Team in

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