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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Hello, Is there anybody out there????

Mike and I have both recently joined the VMware Workstation product management team and want to intorduce ourselves, revitalize this blog and get in touch with our fellow zealots!

We are both very excited to be working on the Workstation product.  We have been using this application on Linux and Windows for many years and have personally used it for software development, QA, customer support, training and product demos as well as a few other things that we probably shouldn’t mention.

Workstation is an exceptionally cool product that wins awards like Infoworld’s 2009 best product of the year !!! (We would like to take credit for this, but the development team did all the work before either of us joined.)  It also has a very caffeinated and loyal user community who find interesting ways to push the envelope with VMs like trying the early versions of Windows 7, Replay Debugging nasty problems and protecting internet users everywhere (including our moms)

We plan to make frequent posts to this blog (the Fusion team is making us look bad…) with product usage tips, links to other “creative” works and occasionally we may slip up and share a little bit of insider information on what we are thinking or new features that we are considering….

In addition to this blog, Mike and I are becoming active in the Workstation communities.  If you have product suggestions, want to brag about something unparalleled that you have done, or show off your encyclopedic knowledge of everything virtual… we look forward to hearing from you!

Jason Joel and Mike Paiko