And now for something completely different…


Ok, well, not quite "completely different."  Perhaps exactly the opposite.  VMware Workstation!  Yeah, you remember it: that sweet software that lives happily on your PC and helps you get things done!  The product on which VMware was founded!  Going strong for nearly a decade now!

So welcome to the "Workstation Zealot" blog!  Us "old-school" folks at VMware are finally getting into the 21st century and starting a up what we hope will be a great new source of news, information and amusement for the millions of Workstation faithful out there.  From time to time, you’ll see postings from various developers in the team on interesting technical topics, thoughts on industry developments, highlighted use cases, beta announcements, insights into life in the Workstation trenches, and more.

How will this blog be different from other assorted VMware blogs?  Well, if you’re someone who cares enough about Workstation to read a blog about it, you can probably consider yourself officially "hard-core" 🙂  So we’ll do our best to keep things lively with the sort of info that takes your clearly superior intelligence into account.  If we’re lucky, even I’ll be befuddled by some of what our development team will have to say, so stay tuned!

And of course, if there are specific topics you’d like to see us cover in a blog style format, don’t be shy about sending along your comments.  If you’re not reading, then we’re screwing up.


Robert Baesman – Sr. R&D Manager – VMware Inc.