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SRM 4.0 and Windows 2008 Support


Hello Uptime Readers, We have seen a lot of questions lately relating to SRM support for Windows 2008 and there seems to be a lot of confusion out there so it seemed like a good time to maybe write a short blog to try and clear things up.   When you are working with or Read more...

A Quick tour of SRM 4.0


  Now that SRM 4.0 is here it seemed like a good time to take quick tour around a few of the new features and also highlight some less obvious elements of the vSphere platform that make working with SRM 4.0 simpler.   A sensible place to start would be at the beginning. As with Read more...

Site Recovery Manager Demonstration Video now online!


After many takes and re-takes we have finished the SRM demonstration video and posted this for all to see. The purpose of the video is to provide a basic understanding of the SRM solution along with the disaster recovery challenges it solves. We hope you find this a useful resource to share with your colleagues Read more...