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vSphere 7 – Launch Recap & Links, Week 4

VMware vSphere IconFour weeks of vSphere 7 launch… it’s been quite the adventure. Here’s what’s transpired in the last week!

Watch the vSphere 7 Launch Event

This was a really great online event! The folks at theCUBE did a wonderful job, and the folks from VMware were informative, interesting, and funny. If you haven’t watched it please do.

vSphere 7 – Assignable Hardware

Niels has a great rundown of Assignable Hardware, which is a feature that makes it possible to vMotion VMs that have hardware devices attached to them. This is a big deal — means it’s much easier to maintain infrastructure now.

vSphere 7 – Content Library

Nigel runs through the new check in/check out and template management that’s in the vSphere 7 Content Library.

British Telecom Accelerates App Development with vSphere

vSphere with Kubernetes is impressing a lot of people. It was very nice of BT to talk about how they’re excited, too, and worth the read.

vSphere 7 – Announcing General Availability of the New Generation of vSphere

You can download vSphere 7! Pete runs through a lot of the highlights of vSphere 7.

How to Get vSphere with Kubernetes

Kit talks about vSphere with Kubernetes and what the VMware Cloud Foundation brings to the table.

Getting To Know vSphere 7: A 5-Part Webcast Series

These are going to be great, if I do say so myself. This is the calendar and agenda, sign up!

vSAN 7 is Generally Available

vSAN 7 comes INSIDE vSphere 7. Upgrade and you get a new storage solution, too, that supports native file services, cloud-native storage, and lots of other performance and reliability improvements. vSAN is really a great way to cut down on overhead tasks and get back to the interesting parts of your job.

VMware Cloud on AWS – Purchase online and get started today

Amidst all this craziness in the world we’ve made VMware Cloud on AWS completely self-service for signups, just use a credit card.

New Release – PowerCLI 12

PowerCLI is the Powershell interface for vSphere, and PowerCLI 12 is what supports vSphere 7. Lots and lots of new cmdlets and functions to interact with the new features.


We are excited about vSphere 7 and what it means for our customers and the future. Watch the vSphere 7 Launch Event replay, an event designed for vSphere Admins, hosted by theCUBE. We will continue posting new technical and product information about vSphere 7 and vSphere with Kubernetes Monday through Thursdays into May 2020. Join us by following the blog directly using the RSS feed, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Thank you, and please stay safe.