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VMworld US 2019 – Day 2 Recap

Day 2 at VMworld US 2019… This pretty much sums it up:

Keep in mind that it’s only the first full day of the conference! Much more to come.

Notable Announcements & News

You can watch the general sessions live or as a replay at

There are lots of parties going on — the @VMworldParties Twitter feed, run by members of the community, has the details on many of them. Be safe, travel with friends, and use ridesharing services but make sure you’re sure that the car you’re getting into is the right one.

Things to See Tomorrow (on 8/27/2019)

The Hands-on Labs (HOL) team has broken records every day this year, for the number of labs completed. Go help them keep the trend up. Moscone West, 3rd Floor.

While you’re up there, check out the VMware Odyssey. This competitive lab environment is starting its Odyssey Cup on Tuesday, where teams will compete to qualify for the championship rounds. There are real prizes at stake here, MacBook Pros for example. Go cheer your favorite teams on.

Visit the Meet the Experts sessions — if you weren’t able to sign up just star the session and it’ll place you on a waitlist. If you have questions just show up, as many of the experts are fine with people standing around the table as popular topics are discussed. Moscone West, 2nd Floor.

The Solutions Exchange Hall Crawl, which features tasty adult beverages and snacks, is from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

There are several keynote sessions for different business units. One big one will be Intrinsic Security – How Your VMware Infrastructure Can Turn the Tide in Cybersecurity from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

Remember to visit the Alumni Lounge, as well as the VMware Champions and {CODE} booths for special activities and gifts.

Have other events and happenings? Leave them in the comments! Check back tomorrow for a recap of Day 3.

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