vSphere Security at Security Field Day 2

VMware was proud to continue our decade-long relationship with Tech Field Day by hosting the delegates of Security Field Day 2 (#XFD2) on June 20, 2019, sharing with them both the overall strategy for security in VMware products as well as very specific technical discussions around vSphere, vSphere Platinum, VMware AppDefense, and VMware WorkspaceOne. There were great conversations, good questions, and good ideas shared in both directions.

The vSphere conversations centered around two main ideas: that vSphere makes it easy to do the right things, and that vSphere is secure by default. Quite a lot of work has gone into making the security features in vSphere a simple checkbox or a dropdown menu, so that it’s easy to enable for guest workloads. Similarly, each new version of vSphere makes the default settings more secure so virtualization admins can focus on things that move their organizations forward, instead of just trying to keep up. Where there’s complexity, such as with compliance auditing, VMware provides comprehensive guidance, as downloadable documentation and tools, to help customers navigate those deep waters.

Tech Field Day streams the events live, but if you missed it they publish the videos for viewing later. Below are the VMware presentations and they are an excellent mix of technical and non-technical topics, something for everybody in the IT world.

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VMware Security Strategy Overview by Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP of Solutions & Product Marketing

VMware outlines its strategy to make security intrinsic to the infrastructure, helping organizations turn the advantage from attackers to defenders.

VMware vSphere Platinum: A Platform for Security and Compliance by Bob Plankers, Technical Marketing Architect

vSphere Platinum technical features speak directly to the problems of compliance & security in IT. This will be a discussion of features like virtualization-based security, TPM & attestation, EVC, and more.

CPU Vulnerabilities and Implications for VMware vSphere by Bob Plankers, Technical Marketing Architect

CPU security vulnerabilities like Spectre, Meltdown, L1TF, and MDS have drastically changed the landscape for virtualization and data center security. This will be a deep dive into how CPUs operate, how these vulnerabilities affect our systems, and what VMware vSphere Platinum does about them.

VMware vSphere Platinum: Operational Considerations for Security by Bob Plankers, Technical Marketing Architect

What operational tips & tricks are there for using vSphere Platinum’s security features most effectively? We’ll talk about some of the biggest Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 topics so we can set ourselves up for success.

VMware vSphere Platinum with Integrated AppDefense by Arjan Narang, Senior Product Manager

Overview of how AppDefense brings application visibility and intrinsic security to vSphere.

VMware AppDefense Demonstration by Arjan Narang, Senior Product Manager

Walkthrough of integration and features discussed during presentation of vSphere Platinum with Integrated AppDefense.

VMware Workspace ONE: Intelligently Secure the Digital Workspace by Andrew Levy, Senior Director of Product Management

Overview of VMware Workspace ONE, a digital workspace platform that combines intrinsic, zero trust security with industry-leading modern management to help IT proactively secure apps and endpoints.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence: Insights and Automation for the Modern Digital Workspace by Andrew Levy, Senior Director of Product Management

Overview of Workspace ONE Intelligence, an add-on Workspace ONE service that provides insights into app deployments, app engagement and user experience to help IT admins quickly resolve issues, reduce escalations and increase employee productivity.