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It’s Not Too Late to Get the Scoop on vSphere 6.5

Just before the new year, the VMware Community Roundtable podcast covered key insights to vSphere 6.5 in a live episode. In case you missed it, moderator Eric Nielsen discussed reasons to upgrade to vSphere 6.5 with the “dynamic duo” of vSphere: featured guests Himanshu Singh and Martin Yip.

Singh is group manager of product marketing, focused on core vSphere and cloud platform business; Yip is product line marketing manager, responsible for security and driving adoption of new workloads such as High Performance Computing, Big Data, and AI onto the vSphere platform.

This Community Roundtable episode focused on the upgrade path for vSphere and some exciting recent updates and improvements. The capabilities of vSphere are expanding, and 6.5 in particular introduces significant refinements.

Watch the Facebook live stream replay.

Listen to the podcast recording – 12/13/2017, Episode #415.


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