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Three Key Reasons for Joining Modernize Data Centers Track at vForum Online

As digital transformation increases across the business world, the era of costly, complex legacy infrastructures is coming to an end. But what will it take to modernize infrastructures in such a way that IT gets the agility and flexibility it needs to operate, innovate, and scale to meet the demands of today’s competitive business climate?

To get answers from experts in the IT community, join us on October 18th for the Modernize Data Centers track at vForum Online Fall 2017. During this free half-day event — which also happens to be our largest virtual IT conference — you’ll receive the guidance and information you need to successfully evolve to a modernized infrastructure. Best of all, you get to attend from the comfort and convenience of your own desk.

To give you a better idea of what makes this a must-attend event for any IT professional, we’ve put together a list of three key reasons to join. Have a look.

  1. Attend Breakout Sessions
    Want to find out how you can transform your infrastructure to make delivery simple for any application on any platform? Perhaps you’re interested in something more specific, like upgrading your virtualization platform with VMware vSphere 6.5, getting to know storage virtualization with VMware vSAN better, accelerating the hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS, or taking a deep dive into VMware Cloud FoundationTM architecture?
    You’ll find all of this and more during our expert-led Modernize Infrastructure breakout sessions in the Modernize Data Centers track. Pick the ones you want to attend, investigate VMware solutions more deeply, and get the direction you need for building out a modern infrastructure that supports your business needs. 
  2. Chat with Experts and Get Your Questions Answered
    Have questions about the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)? Or maybe you’ve heard the buzz around VMware Cloud on AWS and just want to know more. At vForum Online, you get to talk these things through with the people who know them best: the experts.
    During our “Chat with the Software-Defined Data Center Experts” session, VMware pros will be live on video, answering your questions about everything from hyper-converged infrastructure and the SDDC to virtualization, containers, OpenStack, and more.
    In the  “What’s New with VMware Cloud” chat session, the experts will give the scoop on VMware Cloud on AWS. Our cloud pros will be ready to discuss the VMware cloud strategy, requirements for a modern infrastructure, and how to create successful planning roadmaps in preparation for digital transformation to the hybrid cloud.
  3. Practice With the Products in Hands-On Labs
    Theory is great, but nothing beats practical experience. And that’s what you’ll get with our hands-on labs. During these sessions, you’ll learn how to work with a modernized infrastructure by building your own SDDC and discovering for yourself what’s new with vSphere 6.5. Discover, make mistakes, and explore in real time what it takes to create a modern infrastructure.

vForum Online Fall 2017 is fast approaching. Don’t miss this chance to learn about the modern infrastructure with your peers and experts in the IT community. Register for the event today, and mark your calendar. We hope to see you there.



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