The VMware Certified Lenovo XClarity Solution Capabilities

Lenovo recently certified their XClarity vSphere web client plugin solution.  Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a new centralized resource management solution that enables administrators to deploy infrastructure faster and with less effort. The solution seamlessly integrates into Lenovo servers and Flex System converged infrastructure platform. XClarity provides automated discovery, monitoring, firmware updates and compliance, pattern-based configuration management, and deployment of operating systems and hypervisors to multiple systems. 

Lenovo XClarity Integrator for VMware vCenter extends the VMware management platform to include XClarity Administrator functionality as well as helping to reduce planned and unplanned workload downtime through scheduled and automated workload migration during rolling system updates and reboots in the cluster, and on user-defined platform-level alerts such as a predicted hardware component failure. 

Benefits: What Are The Benefits Of Lenovo XClarity For vSphere Plug-In?

The VMware-certified solution from Lenovo has many benefits:

  • Automate complex and repetitive foundational infrastructure tasks
  • Improve workload uptime in clustered vSphere environments

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Video: Let’s Take A Look At Lenovo Xclarity Vsphere Web Client Plug-In!

VMware’s Web Client Plug-In Certification Program:

Many companies are building and certifying their plug-in.  We have seen a surge in HTML 5 plugins being certified in 2017.  Through VMware certification partners can ensure a better end user experience and have the trusted VMware brand behind their plug-in.  Look for new partner web client plug-in certifications in 2017!   Thanks to all of our partners for supporting the VMware vSphere web client plug-in certification and partner program. 

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