The recently certified IBM Storage Enhancements for vSphere Web Client Plug-in is one of the most popular  VMware integration points that our storage customers use today. Easily deployed, it allows our customers to enable VMware administrators to independently and centrally manage IBM storage resources in their VMware environments, consistent with their application needs.


IBM Storage Enhancements for vSphere Web Client Plug-in enables VMware administrators to easily provision, delete, rename, resize, map, and unmap a volume within an abstracted service defined by the storage administrator with all capabilities (compression, quality of service, etc.) defined for that storage service.  Secondly, it provides substantial granularity of information about volumes, including Virtual Volumes.  IBM’s integrated solution also supports all IBM block storage offerings and is part of IBM’s end to end support for VMware integrations.  The capabilities are easily delivered through IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition, a single IBM integration platform supporting VMware solutions.


BENEFITS: What are the benefits of IBM Storage Enhancements for vSphere Plug-in?

The VMware-certified solution from IBM reduces complexity of managing volumes, avoids inconsistencies, and improves efficiency:

  • Reduces the complexity of managing volumes from multiple storage systems and types
  • Avoids inconsistencies created by using multiple plug-ins
  • Improves efficiency by reducing the time to deploy and manage individual plug-ins for each storage system

IBM Storage Enhancements for vSphere Web Client Plug-in, in conjunction with IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition, facilitates better decision making and troubleshooting for customers through advanced monitoring capabilities and easily accessed, highly detailed information about an array and its components.   The IBM solution also minimizes administrative overhead through simplified self-provisioning and volume related tasks, freeing VMware administrators for more productive work.  Together the capabilities enable an easier shift to cost-effective software defined data center and hybrid cloud solutions by reducing dependencies on other teams and empowering people to get their work done.


IBM Storage Enhancements for vSphere Web Client Plug-in brings further customer value by offering fast, easy, unified deployment and installation by means of a single point of VMware solutions integration across IBM storage systems and software-defined storage offerings.  Certification for this vSphere integration point is part of the comprehensive end to end IBM support for VMware products, as driven through their longstanding commitment to the Technology Alliance Partner program and as a key design partner supporting VMware solutions, helping our joint customers meet a full range of needs under one umbrella.


For more information, go to IBM Knowledge Center


VIDEO: Let’s take a look at IBM Storage Enhancements for vSphere Web Client Plug-in in action!


Many companies are building and certifying their plug-in.  Through VMware certification partners can ensure a better end user experience and have the trusted VMware brand behind their plug-in.  Look for new partner web client plug-in certifications in 2017!   Thanks to all of our partners for supporting the VMware vSphere web client plug-in certification and partner program.


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