Easily See the Updates to vSphere with Operations Management

The VMware Product Walkthrough site has been receiving some fantastic updates lately about the new release of vSphere 6.5. The latest updates focus on vSphere with Operations Management in the form of two Use Case videos. These videos will show aspects of how vRealize Operations Manager (vR Ops) can leverage the capabilities of vSphere’s Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). Together they can better optimize a vSphere environment’s resources and workloads.

DRS Dashboard

The first new video is on vR Ops’ new DRS dashboard. This dashboard is available out of the box and can be used to monitor and manage clusters’ DRS configuration and workloads. The video will walk through a high-level overview on DRS followed by going through an example of a host in a cluster being under abnormally high load and how to resolve the issue without ever leaving the vR Ops portal.

Product Walkthrough: DRS Dashboard

Workload Placement

The second of the new videos is on how vR Ops can manage workloads within datacenter or custom datacenter objects. Workload Placement also features its own dashboard which is available out of the box. This dashboard takes a look at metrics such as CPU Demand, Memory Consumed, and vSphere Configuration Limit. It then applies those across datacenter and/or custom datacenters, clusters, and individual hosts themselves. The video will walk through a high-level overview of what Workload Placement is, how it interacts with vSphere’s DRS, and then walking through a use case of balancing a workload imbalance between clusters.

Product Walkthrough: Workload Placement

While you’re there, check out some of the other walkthroughs. If there’s something you’d like to see a walkthrough on, let us know in the comments!