VMworld 2016 – Intelligent Operations Management & Automation Session Guide

VMworld US is right around the corner, and we’ve got some really great vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) sessions and labs on tap. If you’re new to vSOM or a seasoned vet, there’s something to attend. All these offerings will enhance your knowledge to better, and more consistently, monitor your environment to help free up not only your time but also your resources too.

If you’re new to vSOM, or simply in need of a refresher, start your VMworld off in the form of a vSOM quick talk (INF8277-QT, Dear IT, You Can Be a Strategic Partner to Your Business. Let me help. Yours Truly, vSphere with Operations Management) which will take a look at how the IT department can turn from a cost center into a partner within the business. Follow that up with a session (IN7818, Take Virtualization to the Next Level) on the capabilities vSOM can bring to an environment through intelligent operation capabilities and automation. Now that you have a high-level understanding, it’s time to get some hands on experience with vSOM by heading over to the Hands-On Lab (HOL). There’s several offerings all week for the guided workshop (ELW-1710-SDC-1, Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management) and, if you can’t make one of those or want to go through the lab again on your own, the self-guided lab (SPL-1710-USE-2, Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management) is available anytime the HOL is open.

If you have some experience with vSOM, or you’re new and attended some of the prior sessions, you can check out more advanced sessions on some new features, a very cool customer case study, and an in-depth look at the interoperability of some key products and/or features that comprise the vSOM platform. Session INF8275 (How to Manage Health, Performance, and Capacity of Your Virtualized Data Center Using vSphere with Operations Management) is going to take an in-depth, technical, overall look at vSOM, some of the latest and greatest features, plus several demos to show off the value of those features. Seeing is believing, and checking out Clouditalia’s customer case study session (INF7578, A Cloud Service Provider’s Success Story: Adoption of vSphere with Operations Management) is a true testimonial to the power vSOM brings to customer environments. vR Ops’ Workload Placement feature works with DRS to best allocate workloads across clusters, but session INF7825 (vSphere DRS and vRealize Operations: Better Together) is going to take this a step further and give a tech preview of how the two could possibly be working together in the future. There’s another session (MG8641, A Lot of Insight and No PowerPoint) available which will take a look at vR Ops and Log Insight in a unique panel discussion where no question is off limits.

For those advanced users (or just users who want to call themselves advanced), there’s the vSOM: Advanced Topics Workshop (ELW-1710-SDC-3) which is a guided HOL that takes an in-depth look at the pieces of vSOM to best improve availability and manageability.

Finally, there’s the Meet the Experts session where you can come and discuss vSOM with me in a one-on-one basis to best focus on your needs.

All the sessions above are easily accessible in a quick-reference quick (, as well as the rest of the vSphere areas as well (