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Storage Blog Recap: Top Blogs from December

In case you missed it, we’ve compiled a list of the top vSphere Storage posts from December for you to digest. Check it out!

VMware Virtual SAN and ScaleIO: Fundamentally Two Different Approaches to Software-Defined Storage

VMware’s Vijay Ramachandran clarifies how VMware Virtual SAN’s unique approach to software-defined storage stands apart from other SDS competitors.

Gartner Predictions: Storage Integration Leading the Way in 2015

Learn why Gartner predicts that 40% of midsize enterprises will replace all data center services and storage with integrated systems by 2018.

Operationalizing VMware Virtual SAN: Automating vCenter Alarm Configuration Using PowerCLI

In the latest post of the vSphere Storage blog series “Operationalizing VMware Virtual SAN”, Joe Cook answers the question, “How do I configure vCenter Alarms for Virtual SAN?”

Tips for a Successful VMware Virtual SAN Evaluation

Need to evaluate your virtual environment? One of the biggest advantages of VMware Virtual SAN is its setup and ease-of-use. Charu Chaubal presents this handy guide, where you’ll find the helpful tips to ensure a successful Virtual SAN evaluation.

VMware Virtual SAN Operations: Replacing Disk Devices

Within VMware Virtual SAN, drives can be replaced for two reasons – failures, and upgrades. Rawlinson Rivera discusses the recommended procedure for replacing flash and magnetic disk devices in your Virtual SAN disk group.

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