When I joined the Technical Marketing team last September I was tasked with vCenter Availability and Scalability along with providing coverage for all things vCenter and SSO.

Since that time I’ve branched out and am also covering Resource Management (more on this coming soon!) and also features in the Enterprise Plus SKU. I’m really excited about this as to this day one of my favorite and I feel underused features is the vSphere Distributed Switch, or VDS.

To get started in the VDS series I wanted to take a step back and show just how easy it is to setup and move Hosts and VM’s over to it. In the two videos and product walkthroughs below you’ll see this step by step for yourselves. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more on the features of the VDS that make it a truly powerful component in the SDDC. For now I hope you enjoy these two getting started videos and product walkthroughs.

Getting Started with the vSphere Distributed Switch Product Walkthrough.
Part 1
Part 2

If you want to test out the VDS remember we have Hands-on Labs available, specifically for VDS check out  HOL-SDC-1302 – vSphere Distributed Switch from A to Z.