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Site Recovery Manager now supports up to 1500 protected VMs

For those of you using array based replication with SRM, here’s some good news that came out of the holidays:

SRM can now support up to 1500 protected virtual machines!

There is, of course, a caveat or two about which you must be aware.  First, it will only work with VC/SRM/vSphere all at 5.5 and even then you must be using a very specific patch release of vSphere 5.5.

If these criteria are not met the old limit of 1000 VMs is still in place.  This also does not increase the total number of VMs you can protect with vSphere Replication; that limit stays at 500.  You can however mix and match.  For example if you are using both array replication and vSphere Replication, and have ESXi patched as above, you could choose to protect up to 1500 VMs with say 1000 array protected and 500 VR protected, or 1250 array and 250 VR, and so forth up to the maximum of 500 VR will support and the 1500 ABR will support.  The point is the total needs to stay below 1500 and the VR number below 500.

So that’s some exciting news, increasing the scale of the total number of protected VMs by 50%!  Make sure you go read the KB article detailing operational limits for SRM before you change anything, and make sure you understand both the prerequisites and the supported totals.

Happy new year!


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