I’ve found VMware users enthusiastic and hungry for new, detailed information about virtualization technology.  At VMware, we look to engage with our customers early and often about technology to help influence product direction.

As one additional venue to bridge the gap, I’m pleased to announce the inaugural session of vCloud Tech Tips, “Affinity Rules!…and Anti-Affinity rules” November 15 at 11am PST.

vCloud Tech Tips is a practitioner’s tutorial on a specific vCloud technology area including

  • How the technology is commonly used
  • What are the benefits of the technology
  • Power user tips and tricks
  • Where to look for more information
  • Provide Q&A directly to/from Vmware engineers

Registration via Webex is required (see below).

Future sessions include (but not limited to)

I’ve got the Power!  – Install, configure, manage Distributed Power Manager to save your DC money

Everyone in the Pool!  –  Install, configure, manage resource pools to effectively segment resources in your DC

Mystery of the Log – Understanding the DRS config and debug files

Let me in! – How reservations/share/limits effect admission control for HA and DRS