Have you ever wondered how Roles and Permissions work using the vSphere Web Client? Here’s a great video brought to you by VMware Tech Pubs. Peter Shepherd does a great job in introducing you to Roles and Permissions and how to get the most out of them. He will lead you through the steps to create an administrator role for a specific virtual machine in four and a half minutes!

Roles, Privileges and Permissions in the vSphere Web Client

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Mike Foley

Mike Foley is a Senior Technical Marketing Manager at VMware. His primary focus is on security of the core platform (vSphere). He is the current keeper of the vSphere Hardening Guide. His primary goal is to help IT/VI Admins build more secure platforms that stand up to scrutiny from security teams. Previously, Mike was on the evangelist team at RSA where he concentrated on virtualization and cloud security and contributed as a member of the product architect team. Mike has a blog at and contributes to the VMware vSphere and Security blogs as well. Follow him at @vSphereSecurity on Twitter