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Announcing vSphere with Operations Management 5.5 – Increasing Performance and Availability for Your Business Critical Applications

We’re excited to announce the release of VMware vSphere with Operations Management 5.5! </p

Back in March 2013, we launched vSphere with Operations Management as our next iteration of the vSphere platform. Watching our customers struggle with managing capacity through the old-school method of spreadsheets convinced us that by adding a single pane of glass that provides visibility into workload capacity and health to our flagship virtualization platform, we would make our customers’ virtualization journey much smoother.

This 5.5 release offers several enhancements, all related to helping our customers 1) deliver better performance and availability for business critical apps and 2) support next-gen workloads (Big Data anyone?). These enhancements include:

  • Greater Scalability – Configurations have doubled from previous limits when it comes to physical CPUs, memory and NUMA nodes. Virtual disk files also now scale up to 64TBs.
  • vSphere Customization for Low Latency Applications – vSphere with Operations Management can be tuned to deliver the best performance for low latency applications, such as in-memory databases
  • vSphere Flash Read Cache – Server side flash can now be virtualized to provide a high performance read cache layer that dramatically lowers application latency.
  • vSphere App HA – This new level of availability enables vSphere with Operations Management to detect and recover from application or operating system failure.
  • vSphere Big Data Extensions – Apache Hadoop workloads can now run on vSphere with Operations Management to achieve higher utilization, reliability and agility.

To learn more, check out our official page.
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