You likely have already heard of the VMware vCloud Suite.  What you might not know is how the products included within the vCloud Suite can be used to solve a specific use case.

To help with this, we’ve defined some of the common use cases that we find our customers using.  If you look here, you’ll find a page that describes these use cases and have the opportunity to watch a series of videos that provide a short overview on some of the use cases defined.

You’ll also notice on this same page that there is a link to a Hands On Lab (HOL) catalog that contains a series of labs that you can go through, related to the vCloud Suite.  Over time, you will see that there will be a lab that corresponds to each of the use cases presented.  This is a excellent way to actually see and use the products in action.  You can access these HOLs online or at VMworld, if your lucky enough to go.