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How Many Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs) on a Host ?

In one of my earlier posts on “vSphere5.1 – VDS new Features”, I had discussed the LACP feature and stated that only one Link Aggregation Group (LAG) could be configured per VDS per Host. However, it seems that I was partially correct. The limitation of one LAG per VDS is there but there is no such limit on the Host. You can have multiple LAGs configured on a single Host by using multiple VDS. The following diagram shows a deployment with two LAGs on a Host.

Example – Two Link Aggregation Groups on a Host

As shown in the diagram above, the host with four physical NICs is part of two distributed switches VDS1 and VDS2. Each VDS uplink port group is configured with 2 uplinks and LACP is enabled in passive mode. You can choose to configure active mode for LACP, if required. The port groups on each VDS are configured with IP hash as the teaming.

For step-by-step configuration of LACP feature on a VDS please refer to my blog post here.

If in your deployment you have 8 physical NICs on a Host and you want to create four separate LAGs, you can achieve that by adding the host to four distributed switches.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this. I am really sorry for causing confusion around the LAG limit.

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