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Getting Support For VMware APIs and SDKs?

A question that I hear frequently from our customers is how do I get support for the VMware APIs and SDKs? I’m sure that most of you are probably familiar with our VMware GSS (Global Support Services) organization when it comes to technical support issues, but did you also know we have program within our GSS offerings that provides technical support for VMware APIs and SDKs?

This offering is called the VMware SDK Support Program which actually has been around for a few years now, but is not that well known. The folks on the team are experts in the VMware’s APIs and SDKs and support a variety of products ranging from vSphere, vSphere Web Client, vCloud Director, vCloud Automation Center just to name a few and you can find the complete list here.

What you get out of the program are sanity checks, best practices/recommendations and work-around suggestions when developing and building your in-house and third party applications or scripts. The program offers two SLA options: standard with a response time in two business days or premium with a response time in one business day.

If you work with the VMware APIs and SDKs on a frequent basis or even if you are just getting started and would like to get support from VMware GSS, I highly encourage you to take a look at the VMware SDK Support Program for more details. In my previous role as a customer of VMware, I have personally worked with a few of these engineers and I have nothing but good things to say about their services and support!

In addition to the SDK support program, if you are a partner or a 3rd party vendor looking to build or integrate with VMware’s products, we also have a program called TAP (Technology Alliance Partner) which provides VMware training, roadmaps, architectures and APIs (development kits) and much more to assist in quickly building solutions on top of the VMware platform. For more information, please visit the TAP website.

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