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Availability of vCloud Director 1.5.2

VMware just released a update for vCloud Director.  The vCloud Director 1.5.2 release notes can be found here.

You’ll notice that there are several fixes included with this release.  Some of which include:

Cannot upload an OVF as a vApp template
In vCloud Director 1.5.1, when you upload an OVF file as a vApp template, the upload could fail. In some circumstances, vCloud Director would choose a network that is not accessible to the resource pool to which the OVF is uploaded, resulting in the failure. This issue is resolved in vCloud Director 1.5.2.

The UI freezes when using a non-English client browser to connect to vCloud Director
In certain circumstances, the vCloud Director 1.5.1 UI could become unusable when viewing log events from a non-English client browser. This issue is resolved in vCloud Director 1.5.2.

Two vApps within an organization can have the same name after upgrading vCloud Director
After upgrading from vCloud Director 1.0.x to 1.5 or 1.5.1, you are able to create a vApp with the same name as another vApp in an organization. This issue is resolved for vCloud Director 1.5.2, which ensures that each vApp within an organization has a unique name.

IP addresses not being released for reallocation
Released IP addresses were not cleaned up in vCloud Director 1.5.1, even after the IP address release timeout. The IPs were cleaned up only during the vApp creation workflow and not during the workflow of adding IPs to the list of external IPs for an organization network. vCloud Director 1.5.2 fixes this issue.

Guest customization issues
In vCloud Director 1.5.1, when performing guest customization on a virtual machine, network configuration was performed after sysprep. As a result, virtual machines were not able to access a network during customization. vCloud Director 1.5.2 fixes this issue.

This is just a small sample.  I’d invite you to read the release notes for more details.  The binaries are available from the usual places.

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