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vSphere Replication patch released

Some of you may have noticed that vSphere Replication 5.1 has been unavailable to install or upgrade through either VAMI upgrades or the VUM repositories.  We’ve just released which is now available through either mechanism!

There are a few means of upgrading you can choose: Either using the built-in VR Appliance web console upgrade method, or through VUM.

Whichever method you choose, and I’ll show you both in a second, I very strongly recommend you upgrade immediately as this patch fixes some important problems!

To upgrade through the VAMI, you log onto the web console of your VR Appliance,  navigate to the “Update” tab, and click “Check Updates”.

If an update is available, you simply click “Install Updates”.  This will take a few moments to download and install the patch that is needed, and then you reboot your VR Appliance.  That’s it!


To use Update Manager, go to your VUM icon in the vSphere Client.  I usually go to the “Configuration” tab, and click to “Download Now” to force an updated list of patches.  Click on the “VA Upgrades”.  This will show you all VMware Virtual Appliance updates that are available, including, hopefully, the VR Management Server update.


Once you see that it is present, you can simply return home to your “VMs and Templates” section, and make sure that you’ve applied the “VA Upgrade to Latest” baseline to your VR Appliances.

Scan and remediate… and you’re done, fully upgraded!

Again, this fixes a very important problem that led to difficulty recovering a VM if the host that held it at the protected site crashed, or its storage path to the primary vmdk went away.  This fixes that problem, documented in kb 2035929 so please upgrade ASAP!


One thought on “vSphere Replication patch released

  1. Sketch

    EMC CONTINUES to dismantle VMware… and they wonder why people are looking at and choosing other hypervisors… I seem to remember a time when VMware TESTED their software and didn’t rush its product out the door… THIS is what you get when you force the EMC mentality on (what once was) fresh thinking…


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