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vSphere 5.1 Auto Deploy Overview Videos

The VMware Technical Marketing team has produced a series of short videos to help introduce and show off many of the new features and capabilities of vSphere 5.1.  I’d like to call your attention to the Auto Deploy videos that I helped put together.  There are three separate videos.

Auto Deploy – Stateless:  This video shows how to implement the Auto Deploy stateless mode.  It includes an overview on how to configure the DHCP scope options, how to setup the TFTP home directory, and how to create the rules on the Auto Deploy server using PowerCLI.

Auto Deploy – Stateless Caching:  This video shows how to implement the new Auto Deploy stateless caching mode introduced in vSphere 5.1.  Stateless caching allows you to save, or cache, a copy of the ESXi image to a local boot disk, this image can then be used as a fallback image to boot the host should you ever encounter a problem with the network boot.

Auto Deploy – Stateful Installs:  This video shows how to use the new Auto Deploy stateful installs mode introduced with vSphere 5.1.  Stateful Installs allows you to use the Auto Deploy infrastructure to provision new hosts by automating the steps to install and configure ESXi onto a local boot device.

As always, we welcome your feedback so please comment if you find these recordings helpful.  I also invite you to visit the VMware TV YouTube channel for more videos.