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The vSphere Web Client and Localization

Want to view the vSphere Web Client in a localized language or running a localized language and want to switch to English? With the vSphere Web Client you can append a localization parameter to the URL used for accessing the web client and display the client in a different language. Languages supported are English, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

The default URL for the vSphere Web Client is –

https://<hostname:IP Address:9443/vsphere-client/

and to add a language simply append the following –

  • For English – /?locale=en_US
  • For German – /?locale=de_DE
  • For French – /?locale=fr_FR
  • For Japanese – /?locale=ja_JP
  • For Chinese – /?locale=zh_CN

Example to display the vSphere Web Client in German you would use –

https://<hostname/IP Address:9443/vsphere-client/?locale=de_DE


or Japanese

https://<hostname/IP Address:9443/vsphere-client/?locale=ja_JP

NGC Local


I am not responsible for the localization but this is cool feature that I have had several customers request further information on.


Note that some languages may need to have the browser language settings edited to show requested languages and this can be reached via the browser options configuration.