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X-Large Edge Gateways and vCD

One of the outstanding enhancements provided in the vCloud Director 5.1 release was the ability to select between two different deployment models of the Edge Gateway.  It is now possible for you to deploy the Edge Gateway in a Compact or Full model, with the difference between the two being the performance they provide and the amount of resources they utilize.

But did you know there is a third Edge Gateway deployment model called X-Large?

If you use your vSphere Client and under the Network Virtualization tab for the Datacenter Object you try to add a Edge Gateway, you’ll see that there are three possible selections:

If you’ve already deployed vCloud Director 5.1 however, you may notice that you are only able to select between the Compact and Full models.  What happened to the X-Large model?

The answer is pretty simple: The X-large model of deployment for the Edge Gateway is not supported with vCloud Director 5.1 currently.  As the picture above shows, the X-Large deployment model has some limitations, such as a lack of SSL VPN support.

Can you possibly get this super-sized Edge Gateway to work?  Possibly.  Again though, it is not supported at the current time with vCloud Director 5.1.

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