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Detaching a datastore or storage device from multiple ESXi 5.0 hosts

Regular readers will be aware of the All Paths Down scenario, and the adverse affect it can have on your virtual infrastructure. Many enhancements were made to vSphere 5.0 to handle this scenario, including the introduction of the PDL (Permanent Device Loss) condition. You can read more about the improvements in one of my vSphere 5.0 blogs here.

One of the improvements was to create a procedure to detach a LUN in a controlled manner which avoided APD. I previously blogged about how to correctly remove a LUN here.

But what if this LUN was presented to multiple ESXi hosts in your infrastructure? It can become a drag to remove this LUN from each host, one at a time. Well, two of my colleagues, William Lam and Alan Renouf, have put together a number of scripts to automate this process for you. Check out the scripts via this new KB article 2011506. Great job guys!

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