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vSphere – Now There’s an App for That!

Today VMware launched a new vSphere Client for the Apple iPad.  Its available now for download at the Apple App Store. We’re excited about expanding vSphere management to the iPad, enabling users to view key performance metrics and perform essential tasks in a simplified interface on the go.  No more running to the nearest laptop, firing it up, logging into VPN, drilling down into the vSphere Client every time you need to check on your virtual machines.  Just launch the iPad app wherever you have connectivity and a few taps of the finger later, you’re done!

With our initial release of the vSphere Client for iPad, you can:

  • Search for vSphere hosts and virtual machines in your vSphere environment 

Screenshot 01

  • Monitor the performance of vSphere hosts and virtual machines

  Screenshot 03


  • Manage virtual machines with the ability to start, stop and suspend
  • View and restore your virtual machines’ snapshots

  Screenshot 02


  • Reboot vSphere hosts or put them into maintenance mode
  • Diagnose vSphere hosts and virtual machines using built-in tools

Screenshot 04

The goal of the iPad client is not to replace or duplicate all the features of the existing vSphere Client, but rather to enable you to do the most essential tasks and see the most relevant performance data through a clean, consumable – portable – interface.  That being said, we’ll be adding more features in future releases.

Check out the videos below to see how to setup, configure and use the iPad client.


The vSphere Client for the Apple iPad is only available through the Apple App Store and requires the free vCMA appliance. To learn more visit the VMware community site.

After you have had a chance to try it, let us know what you think.