Last week I received an email from Alan Renouf about backing up your ESXi System Image. Alan asked if I could review his article as he knew it is one of my focus areas. Today Alan published the article and I personally feel it is one of those golden nuggets again. In just 13 lines of code Alan manages to dump the configuration of your ESXi host to a .tgz file on the server you are running the script from. I guess Alan explains it best what the purpose is of this script:

So knowing this we can effectively back up the configuration of our ESXi hosts simply by backing up the state tardisk, then if the worst happens we can restore this and have our ESXi host with complete configuration restored in a matter of minute.

I think it is obvious that these few lines of code can be very powerful and can be used for disaster recovery scenarios. I guess the only thing left to say is that you should head over to Alan's article and try out the script.