Yes, sometimes the network breaks. Or, you’re told the network is broken (and being blamed for it) when in actuality is something or somewhere else. At these times you need a good complement of tools, procedures and network know-how to quickly diagnose the issue and set about restoring service.

At VMworld last September, one of our engineering staff, Srinivas Neginhal, delivered a fabulous breakout session  on the topic of “VI3 Networking: Advanced Troubleshooting.” Srinivas squeezed a 79-slide deck into the available time—he could have easily doubled or tripled the session time given the enormous density of information in his deck.

I have long wanted to turn the deck into a troubleshooting guide, but rather than wait for that, I have decided to post the presentation as is (as a pdf) on our Network Technology website. Let me know what you think.