VMworld 2021

Let’s Connect: VMware Talk at VMworld 2021

By Gary Grossi, Product Manager, VMware.

The future of work is changing, and so is the way we “conference”. In 2020, VMworld successfully transitioned to a fully remote experience. However, like all remote conferences, it was missing a key ingredient – the human connection among attendees and our VMware employees.

Among the top feedback for last year’s event was that people missed the feeling of community, personal interaction, and fun networking experiences of previous, in person events. This year, to provide this unparalleled conference experience, we’ve built VMware Talk.

VMware Talk is a social audio platform for VMworld that will enable organic conversations, networking, and intimate speaker sessions. You can connect with VMworld speakers as well as other attendees through the platform’s audio “spaces”. Talk was built with a “privacy by design” mindset and doesn’t record or store any audio on the platform.

Each of the 10 public spaces (all 8 VMworld tracks, VMUG, and VMware Community) will be moderated by a VMware employee and joined by guest speakers and attendees alike. The best part is that anyone can join in on the discussion. And if just hanging out and listening in on a great conversation is more your style, you can do that too.

Additionally, all attendees on the Talk platform can create their own private spaces, or “Small Talks”, for themselves and anyone they want to invite. Each person you invite will get a notification that you want to talk and can choose to join as soon as they see it. Your private spaces will persist throughout the event, so if you and your group want to leave and come back, your space will be waiting for you.

VMware Talk is a custom app built by VMware’s Emerging Technologies Team. It uses VMware Tanzu to make sure the app is able provide a world class experience across all aspects of ease of use, quality, and resiliency.

Now that you know what VMware Talk is, don’t forget to give it a try during VMworld 2021! And if you want to learn more about VMware Tanzu, register for VMworld and check out the VMworld content catalog here.

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