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Enabling Next-Gen Experiences with the Lumen Platform

In the environment of the 4th Industrial Revolution, applications have become a critical element of everyday business and life – the interface between our next-gen technologies and how we actually get value from them. As we come together at events such as VMworld 2021 to imagine the next-generation digital experiences these technologies create, we need to first step back and evaluate the critical technological dependencies these experiences have.

Unfortunately, current network, cloud and IT architectures present latency, cost, and data privacy and security issues that challenge the performance of distributed applications and real-time data processing.

Because of this, Lumen maintains the world needs a new architectural platform to support next-generation digital experiences – One that acts as a critical layer between advanced network and cloud infrastructure assets and the emerging applications and technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In order to effectively manage the intensive data and performance needs of emerging applications, any credible platform needs to solve for three core IT architectural imperatives.

  • First – Software-Defined Networks – That use a hybrid of wired and wireless network technologies to connect end points and users to the right compute services.
  • Second – Hybrid-Cloud Diversity – That offers computing venues in the cloud, embedded in the network, on edge locations, or resident on the enterprise premises.
  • Third – Managed Orchestration – That helps deploy apps and services to the right execution venue, on the right network, with the right secure operational controls.

Naturally, all of these core pieces need to be operated securely, wrapped in a layer of integrated protection that helps ensure the application environment is safe. Application workloads are then able to operate efficiently on top of these core architectural pieces.

The Lumen Platform combines these core IT elements into a unified application delivery solution for businesses, governments and communities that ultimately enables them to adopt the emerging technologies defining the 4th Industrial Revolution.

With these elements working in harmony, we can simplify the delivery of our customers’ applications on a high-performance, secure, worldwide solution that places the right application at the right place using digital-first methods. Our ability to natively combine these critical components is what enables Lumen to deliver the fastest, most secure platform for next-generation applications and data.

From this platform, Lumen offers businesses four complementary solution portfolios designed to meet the needs of next-generation digital experiences:

  1. Adaptive Networking
  2. Edge Cloud and IT Agility
  3. Connected Security
  4. Collaboration

This is why we built the Lumen Platform. A platform designed to bring the digital experiences we’ve all imagined to life. A platform for amazing things.

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