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Five compelling reasons to submit a proposal to speak at VMworld 2021

By Maryam Scoble, Event Content Manager

We want you to speak at VMworld. We are eager to hear your stories and encourage you to submit a proposal to speak at VMworld 2021. The Call for Proposals closes on May 14 at 5 PM PT, so please get those submissions in. If you are still wondering whether you should submit a proposal to speak, here are five great reasons why:

1) Do it to become an expert: That’s right. You don’t have to be an expert to present on the subject. You don’t have to be Joe Beda, the inventor of Kubernetes to present a talk at VMworld on the subject. Don’t get us wrong, we want Joe to speak at VMworld. In fact, he is delivering the keynote, but we have over 500 sessions at VMworld and as awesome as Joe is, he can’t present them all. Tell us about a project you are passionately working on that is making a difference, solving a business problem, helping your team, your coworkers, your partners and your customers. Once your submission is accepted, take the time to build and polish your story, learn more and practice to perfection. The content team will connect you with presentation trainers who will help you hone those skills and craft your story. Remember every established expert in the field started with their first proposal.

2) Do it to build your brand: Do it for yourself, do it for your team, do it for your company. Just do it. Speaking at a conference, will help you in building and maintaining a personal brand. This can help with future speaking gigs and career advancement opportunities. It maybe just that extra boost that your career needs to raise to the next level. Whether you want to impress your boss, your teammate, and your social network, or you are doing it for yourself, speaking at a conference will help with your advancement, build up your confidence and your credibility and your professional network too. Wouldn’t it be great to have the VMworld 2021 Presenter added to your list of accomplishments?

3) Do it for the heroes and heroines of your story: Having lived through the pandemic, everyone of us has a story of facing challenges head on and not only surviving but thriving by supporting one another and raising each other up. We live in interesting times and these make for the best stories. Give voice to the story-teller in you and shine the light on those who carried you through your dark times. Your peers want to hear your story as it resonates with their experiences too. What business challenges did you overcome or help your customers overcome? How did you support and mentor others in challenging times? Who are your heroes and heroines and what did you learn from them?

4) Do it to expand your reach: It has never been easier to reach your target audience, all across the globe simply from the comfort of your own home office. VMworld 2020 had more than 150K registrations and over 180 countries presented. VMworld 2021 will be another monumental global and online event and by presenting at VMworld you will have the golden opportunity to reach out to your peers, your teammates, and your clients. Reach out and connect to the world by speaking at VMworld.

5) Do it to grow your network: Submit a proposal to present at VMworld and see all the ways you can reach out to and connect with people you want with your specific message. By presenting at VMworld 2021 online, you can make lasting connections that go beyond exchanging business cards in the conference hallways. We build our networks by gravitating towards those who share the same common interests and face similar challenges. Exchanging ideas and questions online and continuing the conversations beyond the sessions can establish lasting connections that further our personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, you have nothing to lose by submitting a proposal to speak at VMworld and there is so much to gain. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and submit your proposal now.

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