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The 5 Ws and the H of VMworld 2021 Call for Proposals

By Maryam Scoble, Manager of Event Content.

WHEN: VMworld 2021 Call for Proposals, CFP, opens on April 13 and closes on May 14. 

WHY: The VMworld mission is to educate current and potential customers on how to solve the digital business problems they face today and in the future.  

WHAT: The three overarching topics for VMworld 2021 are Modernize Apps, Security, and Anywhere Workspace. Woven through these overarching topics is the VMware networking story. We also have topics covering emerging technologies, diversity, equity & inclusion, and intelligent apps and infrastructure. All of this with a focus on customer and partner stories. 

WHO: Whether you are a VMware employee working hard on the latest features of a new release, a VMware customer with a great case study you want to share, or a VMware partner with an innovative solution, we want to hear from you.  

WHERE: Submit your proposals by clicking on the link here.  

HOW: For the detailed submission guidelines click here.  Wait, there’s more! Want to make sure you are writing a successful submission? Avoid these five mistakes:  

1. Don’t wait for the deadline.  

You can’t rush greatness. Give yourself time to put together a solid, rejection-proof submission. What are you waiting for? Start working on your submission today.  

2. Don’t complicate it. 

Make sure your abstract is to the point, easy to understand, and does not include unnecessary jargon and acronyms. Keep it short, simple, and focused.  

3. Don’t forget the customer. 

Put yourself in the place of the conference attendee and imagine what they want to hear. What business challenges are they facing that you can help resolve? What business goals are they trying to achieve that your innovative solutions can help them accomplish? Bottom line: Demonstrate how your product, solution, practices, innovations, perspective can help the customer.  

4. Don’t hide your passion. 

Your entry should aim to intrigue, excite, and inspire the reader. You can only engage the audience in that way if they can feel your enthusiasm about the subject. Let your passion shine! 

5. Don’t submit before reviewing your submission. 

Before you hit submit, make sure you have thoroughly proofread your entry. Always ask for a peer review. It’s great practice to get another perspective to polish your work and make it perfect. 

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