VMworld 2020

Moving forward together with Dell Technologies and VMware at VMworld 2020

The pace of digital transformation has accelerated seemingly overnight and what once took years is now being accomplished in weeks or even days. Looking back at the first half of this year, it is abundantly clear that IT has become the essential engine that enabled organizations to respond and adapt. It will become even more essential as we move forward and prepare to meet the challenges and unlock the opportunities of the data-centric future. To fuel your organization’s transformation so it’s ready for whatever comes next, you need a partner who can help you reimagine your IT as an engine to innovation.


Dell Technologies and VMware are your ally in that transformation, relentlessly focused on helping you concentrate on the vital areas that will help drive your business or organization forward. As we see it, the key areas of IT your organization will need to embrace and establish mastery are enabling remote work, delivering on your cloud strategy and finding ways to create new value through data by leveraging analytics and AI.


We invite you to join Dell Technologies at VMworld 2020 to learn how our VMware-integrated solutions deliver value to customers by providing the essential infrastructure to build their customers’ digital future, transform IT, and protect their information:


  • Developing a comprehensive remote work strategy to empower your business (on-demand)
  • A DevOps guide to Modern Apps Infrastructure: Enterprise-grade Kubernetes with Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware Tanzu​ (on-demand)
  • Dell Technologies On Demand for Software Acquisition and Management​ (live session)
  • A Modern Client Solution for Cloud Users (live session)
  • Dell, VMware, and NVIDIA – The Future of AI Developer Ready Infrastructure​ (roundtable)


In addition, you’ll find dozens of insightful breakout sessions available in the Content Catalog to help you continue exploring our solutions. We encourage you to visit our Dell Technologies Demo Zone where you will find easy access to our sessions, opportunities to chat with specialists and additional content.


We look forward to helping you harness the transformative power of data so you can move your organization forward with confidence!

See you at VMworld 2020!




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