VMworld 2020

Destination VMworld – Vision & Innovation Track

VMworld 2020 offers 7 channels to explore. In this brief video, we’ll cover what to expect under the Vision & Innovation Track including the Office of the CTO,  Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligent Intelligence, and High Performance Computing, and the Professional Development sub tracks to be played on the Vision & Innovation Channel.

Hear from our Vice President, Advanced Technology Group, Chris Wolf, on what’s to come under the Vision & Innovation track at VMworld 2020:



Register today to schedule their top sessions:



  • Co-Innovation@VMware: Distributed Ledger Panel Discussion [OCTO3005]
  • Control Planes with Kostadis Roussos and Ben Pfaff [OCTO3030]
  • Inside xLabs and Off-Roadmap Innovation in the VMware Office of the CTO [OCTO2406]



  • Deep Drive into Machine Learning Architectures [ETML2517]
  • DevOps for Machine Learning: Enbling Successful ML for Your Organization [ETML2260]


Professional Development:

  • Outstanding Presentations – How to Improve your Presentations Skills [ETPD1361]
  • Harness the Power of Collaboration to Drive Your Success [ETPD1589]
  • Be a Brand and Not an Employee [ETPD2116]
  • Enable Your Career and Organization with VMware Certifications and Badges (EDU) [ETPD1759]



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