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VMworld Backpack Reveal Remix

This Year’s Backpack

It’s back… the VMworld backpack, that is! Just like last year’s most-prized possession, this year’s backpack functions as a briefcase, messenger bag, and a backpack. With pockets galore, it’s sure to be your most-used mode of transportation for your laptop, battery pack, and all the other fun stuff on your packing list.

This year, we made a few changes. Due to popular demand, you can now opt out of the backpack and support global entrepreneurs instead! More on that below. But if the backpack remains your ultimate accessory, never fear, after you collect your badge at registration, pick it up at the VMworld Challenge booth in VMvillage. And yes, you read that correctly. In addition to adding the option to pass on the bag, we also created the VMworld Challenge that will allow attendees to earn extra swag by completing conference-related activities! We’ll touch base on this more in a second, but in the meantime, take a look at future you:


Your VMworld Experience, Gamified

We kicked things up a notch this year – introducing the VMworld Challenge! Here’s an overview. As you make your way through VMworld US and participate in sessions, check out vendors, and answer surveys, you’ll earn virtual achievements – which you can use to collect extra swag or opt to support global entrepreneurs through Kiva microloans. Be sure to scan your attendee badge at each location to document what you’ve done, and when you’ve completed an achievement, head to the VMworld Challenge booth! More details below, but be sure to pop open your VMworld app for more information on this new experience!

*Disclaimer, gamification is currently only available at VMworld US to full conference paid attendees. All items are subject to availability.

  • Welcome: Score! You automatically earn this achievement by picking up your VMworld badge. Collect the VMworld 2018 backpack and notebook or support a Kiva microloan.
  • Learn: Choose a water bottle, t-shirt, or support a Kiva microloan (more below) if you attend and complete surveys for both of the following:
    • 5 breakout sessions or panel discussions
    • 1 showcase keynote session.
  • Connect: Collect a smart plug, hat, or support a Kiva microloan if you do all of the following in the Solutions Exchange:
    • Attend a theater session at the VMware booth
    • Visit five of the eight Challenge Sponsors for a demo – don’t forget to get scanned with the green scanner!
      • Challenge Sponsors
        • Amazon Web Services (booth 1400)
        • Dell Technologies (booth 1100)
        • HyTrust (booth 2639)
        • IBM (booth 1312)
        • Intel (booth 1212)
        • Lenovo (booth 1326)
        • OVHcloud (booth 1200)
        • VMUG (booth 2219)
  • Explore: Choose a laptop sleeve, socks, or support a Kiva microloan if you:
    • Attend the Thursday General Session (and complete the survey)
    • Complete the overall VMworld event survey
  • Bonus: Collect a VR device, a wireless charger, or support a Kiva microloan if you:
    • Complete all four achievements above! (Welcome, Learn, Connect, and Explore)









The VMworld Challenge: Support Global Communities

If at any time you do decide to support global entrepreneurs rather than keeping the swag, you’ll get to choose the area you’d like to focus on, including:

  • Education: Help students attend vocational school or university and give them a chance to reach their full potential.
  • Food: Fuel communities with access to food, small grocery stores, and restaurants.
  • Health: Help families and communities access the medicine, surgeries, and healthcare services they need.
  • Water and Sanitation: Provide safe drinking water and better sanitation to families and communities.

VMware will organize all support through Kiva, an institution that shares microloans to those who might not otherwise be able to get them, in an effort to help lift them out of poverty. *

Are we there yet? We’ll see you at VMworld soon. In the meantime, follow @VMworld on Twitter and show us your swag from last year!

*For more details, visit While studies indicate that microfinance can play a significant role in the battle against poverty, we also recognize that microfinance is not always the appropriate method, and that it should never be seen as the only tool for ending poverty


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