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The Guide to VMworld 2.0

Getting a grip on all things VMworld can be a challenge for newbies and alums alike – especially since we’re debuting several new changes! From gatherings and communities, to trainings and certifications, we’ve got tips and tricks in our “Guide to VMworld” to help you prepare. Hint: also included is information on this year’s band and party!


From North America to Europe, VMworld 2018 is taking the globe by storm. And since life is busy, just a few quick reminders:

Packing and Planning

First thing’s first. Browse our “What You Need to Know” post, then throw open that suitcase! We’re here to help you remember your conference necessities (aka comfortable walking shoes) and thinking cap. Gathered from years of experience, use the list below as a baseline for your VMworld packing.

  • Your prized electronics (laptop, cell phone, chargers, adapters!)
  • Backup power sources
  • Turn on your cell phone hotspot or grab your Mi-Fi. You’ll never know when extra Wi-Fi will come in handy!
  • Comfortable shoes (pro tip: don’t forget to break them in before you go!)
  • Passport/ID, wallet, credit cards, cash (because you never know)
  • Business cards
  • Business-casual attire
  • Bathing suit (in case you snag some time for fun in the sun)
  • If you’re a runner, bring your running shoes (and follow #vRun on Twitter)
  • If you’re into coffee, bring some to trade (jump into the Twitter #vCoffee convo)
  • Leave room in your bag for swag

Guide to VMworld

#vCommunity: GET IN THERE

The best part of VMworld is the people you’ll meet, both in person and online. Together you can laugh, learn and forge new friendships – just search the #vCommunity hashtag and see for yourself. If you want to geek out on caffeine, join the coffee club and be sure to bring your own beans to trade! Don’t miss out on vBreakfast, which pairs excellently with the running club to help you fuel up post-jog. Or just relax and mingle during the third annual vGolf event in Las Vegas. Whatever you’re into, there’s a “vClub” for that!

Spousetivities for Your Loved One

VMworld is all about inclusivity – that means beyond our loyal partners, customers, and curious potential customers, we embrace our beloved conference non-attendees. Spousetivites were created with family members, spouses, and partners in mind to help them enjoy their time just as much as the attendee themselves! Currently on the docket is a full list of activities in Las Vegas. Make sure to follow the Twitter handle to stay up-to-date!

Map Out Your Schedule in Advance with the Content Catalog

It wouldn’t be VMworld without getting up to speed on the latest technology, but in order to tackle all that knowledge, you’ll need to get organized! This year we’ve taken personalization to the next level, offering curated guides to help you maximize your experience and cater to your goals. Are you a Specialist? Perhaps you’re an Architect or a Leader. No matter your path, just make sure to map out your schedule ahead of time via the content catalog. Pro tip: once you sign up for your sessions, you can backfill your time by checking emails, networking, fueling up, or just an old-fashion snooze.

Sign Up for Hands-on Labs and Get Certified

Welcome to the education station! Sign up to test drive VMware products through the Hands-on Labs, enjoy Meet the Experts and dive into their infinite wisdom, attend workshops, or get VMware certified! Speaking of, there are some major discounts for those who sign up online, in advance of VMworld, like 50% off the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) exam and the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification exam. 

Guide to VMworld

Take Care of Badge Pickup First

Getting your conference badge as soon as you arrive is heralded as a win. With thousands of attendees trickling in by the hundreds, it’s in your best interest to check registration off your to-do list early to avoid long lines. Use our handy-dandy US or Europe venue map and get there as soon as you can, trust us.

Guide to VMworld

It Takes a VMvillage

Once you’re inside and on the ground, it’s best to get acquainted with your surroundings, stat. Track down the VMvillage, it will be your North Star for the rest of the event. This is where much of the community-building magic happens, and where you should come to chat with fellow attendees, get caught up on email, enjoy some foosball, or just relax while recharging your devices. Fun fact: the VMTN Community area located within VMvillage offers vBrownBag Tech Talks with audience seating and a live video stream. AND get this – podcast booths are set up for scheduled, self-service podcasting, blogger tables (whether you’re official or not), VMware {code} booths, and Bean devices to explore VMvillage remotely. Why? Because we’re all about virtualization and the digital world, obviously.

Find Your People at VMworld’s Gatherings and Networking Opportunities

Warning: With tons of opportunities to mingle, you might come home with more new friends and connections than you anticipated. Be sure to check out the VMworld US and VMworld Europe agendas for more information on events and gatherings. Disclaimer – most of the information below is VMworld US-oriented.

Guide to VMworld

Day 0

It all starts with the VMworld Welcome Reception in the Solutions Exchange! This reception is your go-to for finding your crew. Lock-down those new connections and swing by the VMUG Member Party post-Welcome Reception, or for those attending VMworld US, enjoy the vUnderground later that evening!

Days 1-2

We know these days are reserved for knowledge and catching up on sleep but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some one-off activities (more to come, he he), and indulge in events like the VMworld Hall Crawl at Solutions Exchange! After all, you’ll need to rehash your new-found skills with your new-found friends!

Day 3

And last but definitely not least, top it all off with #VMworldFest! This year VMworld’s premiere event (previously known as the Customer Appreciation party) is getting a makeover, debuting a new and exciting format. Experience a night market with four distinct environments, 12 vibrant, globally-inspired food trucks, fun activities, and three stages showcasing a mixture of entertainment! All this was designed to take attendees around the globe in just one night. Rock out to the featured band the Royal Machines, self-described as “Rock’s Greatest All-Star Band,” indulge in cool Jazz, lively dueling pianos, The Purple Experience (an amazing Prince cover band), and DJ Chris Clouse, a San Francisco native. You DON’T want to miss it!

With so many more unofficial and non-sponsored events throughout the week, be sure to stay on top of VMblog’s comprehensive VMworld 2018 US party list, and watch for the events list for VMworld 2018 Europe.

Guide to VMworld

Are you pumped yet? We’ll see you there. Don’t forget to follow @VMworld on Twitter and chime in on the #vCommunity hashtag.


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