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Introducing a New Way To Pick Sessions: Meet the VMworld 2018 Content Catalog!

When you picture your VMworld experience, what does it look like? Are you learning how to push the boundaries of the cloud? Perhaps you’re knee-deep in a lab dedicated to designing critical solutions, or enjoying a session that expands your vision, tenacity, and strength under pressure. Or maybe, you’ve just been focusing on your plans for the hall crawl.

Content Catalog

It’s time to focus, people! With 600+ breakout sessions, panels, labs, and quick talks to consider, the VMworld 2018 Content Catalog is the perfect tool to help make your wildest VMworld dreams come true.

Speaking of dreams, we dreamed big. For the first time ever, the VMworld Content Catalog offers curated guides to help you develop your ultimate schedule. This year, choose a role (Practitioner/Specialist, Architect/Strategist, and Decision Maker/Leader) that best aligns with your goals, so you can maximize on your experience.

Once you select a role, you can choose from pre-filtered lists of VMworld sessions, customized for your focus area. Are you more interested in data center and cloud, digital workspace, or networking and security?

This new role-based approach helps you identify the content that is most relevant for you. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Roles

Meet the Practitioner/Specialist. The Practitioner/Specialist gets things done by pushing technology to the max to deliver exceptional results. They’re the subject matter expert and power user of their team. They know the ins and outs of their systems, solutions, and software.

Explore the Practitioner/Specialist path: 

VMworld 2018 US

VMworld 2018 Europe

Next up? The Architect/Strategist. These individuals build the plans, designing critical systems, solutions, and networks. They take charge, exploring initiatives that will make their company thrive. They are the go-to team member, trusted advisor, influencer, and community builder.

Explore the Architect/Strategist journey:

VMworld 2018 US

VMworld 2018 Europe

And finally, the Decision Maker/Leader. The Decision Maker/Leader looks to the future, driving innovation, excitement, and success for their company. With their exceptional vision, they spot the next big trend or breakthrough. They synthesize information, set priorities for IT, and make strategic decisions.

Explore the Decision Maker/Leader track:

VMworld 2018 US

VMworld 2018 Europe

No matter what role you choose (or perhaps you want to double-up and choose a couple roles!) get started on creating your personalized VMworld experience today. Head to our US or Europe homepage and start discovering your path. Happy planning!


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