VMworld 2017

VMworld 2017 US Recap: Day Five

In celebration of this year’s closing day at VMworld US, we’re taking a deep dive into its activities, including paying special attention the incredible final General Session, which featured a wealth of technologic marvels. So, for one last time, let’s recap today’s VMworld US.

Today’s sessions featured topics like VMware AirWatch with Workspace ONE Workshop, which gave attendees the opportunity to learn about integrating VMware AirWatch and VMware Workspace ONE to enable Single Sign-On from any device to any application while deploying applications through Workspace ONE. Additionally, in several “Getting Started” workshops, attendees learned more about VMware NSX and vSAN v6.6.

However, it was the final General Session that really stole the show, as it featured three visionary researchers discussing how natural machines can drastically change lives. “Technology has removed the shackles of disability,” MIT’s Hugh Herr said, kicking off the General Session with a powerful personal story involving bionic technology and his visions for the future. This technology is providing amputees with the ability to become increasingly mobile with authentic movements. It’s this revolutionary approach with bionics that Hugh believes can help us “conquer disability through technological innovation.” Needless to say, Hugh’s presentation left attendees inspired and in awe of not only today’s technology, but the possibilities for the future.


Next, attendees were introduced to Rana el Kaliouby of the MIT Media Lab. Rana kept everyone on the edge of their seats with her presentation around humanizing technology with emotion AI. She began her discussion by asking the audience to think about what would happen if technology could identify emotions the way humans can, launching into an exciting live demo of how Affectiva digitally analyzes and measures facial expressions. She closed out her presentation with the strong assertion that “fundamentally, emotion AI is the next stage of technology,” earning a rapturous round of applause from the audience.


Last but certainly not least, attendees had the opportunity to explore how technology impacts medicine, thanks to Dr. Peter Weinstock of the Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Weinstock discussed how creating lifelike rehearsals where surgeons can repeat surgeries in a procedural simulation suite until they feel comfortable enough to perform them on an actual patient is a real game changer in today’s medical industry. The audience’s eyes were all trained on Dr. Weinstock as he showed how procedural simulations are saving lives and revolutionizing the future of medicine. He asked attendees to remember that technology continues to make the impossible possible, earning a standing ovation from the crowd.


As VMworld 2017 US comes to a close (don’t worry, VMworld 2017 Europe is right around the corner!), we wanted to take the time to acknowledge the hard work that went into throwing this fantastic event, and to thank attendees for the impressive enthusiasm and excitement they brought to this year’s conference! From learning sessions to the outstanding final General Session, this year’s VMworld US saw an incredibly strong ending to a hugely successful conference. With that said, it’s time to bid a final farewell to Vegas. We hope to see you next year for VMworld 2018 US!


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