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Stuck at McCarran International Airport? Here’s 6 Tips to Help Pass the Time!

When your flight has been delayed or, even worse—cancelled, you’re stuck in what often feels like a giant warehouse: an airport. After pausing to take a deep breath, you brace yourself for the boredom that comes with having nothing to do for several hours.


Does this sound like your typical airport experience? If you’re stuck at McCarran International Airport on your way to or from VMworld, we have good news: you will not suffer this fate. McCarran is unlike other airports you’ve flown through. With VMworld already among us, we’re giving you some fast facts to help you prepare for any downtime in the Las Vegas airport.


Enjoying What Vegas Has to Offer Off the Strip

McCarran is the seventh busiest airport in North America, with passengers flying to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco. With it being one of only two airports in the United States that has slot machines, you’ll find that this Las Vegas airport is definitely different from all the others you’ve been to. Kill some time by watching your fellow passengers pull the lever on a slot machine! Better yet, if you’re feeling up for “rolling the dice,” you can bet some pocket change of your own.


Kick Back with a Drink

If you’re going to be spending a few extra hours in the airport, why not enjoy a treat yourself? Whether you induldge yourself with a cocktail, or even a mocktail, this airport has a variety of lounges and dining establishments where you can let loose and have fun pre or post VMworld. With an assortment of Irish pubs and sports bars, you’re sure to find a bartender who can whip up your favorite drink!


Sightseeing from the Airport

Built in 1942 and named after Senator Pat McCarran, the Las Vegas airport offers more than views of runways and eclectic tourists. McCarran has its very own museum! Found on the second floor of the airport, the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum boasts an impressive aviation collection, including a duplicate of the airport’s original crash wagon. The museum focuses on the history of general and commercial aviation in Nevada and has exhibits sprinkled throughout the airport. If you have extra time, you could even make up a scavenger game for yourself and try finding the museum’s other aviation displays!


Relax and Get a Massage

Traveling is exhausting. Much of your time is spent crisscrossing the airport to find your gate, and then, once you do, you learn the flight is delayed. You’re tired, hungry and ready for a nap. You know what you should do? Get a massage! The XpresSpa, located at the D Gate at Terminal 1, offers everything from a full body massage to manicures to body waxing. Get yourself looking good and feeling great for the next leg of your journey!


Spend Your Winnings

After playing the slots and getting pampered, consider updating your wardrobe at one of the many stores housed at the McCarran. Do you want a new pair of sunglasses? Do you need to replace the cell phone charger you left in your hotel room? Would you like a more comfortable pair of shoes for the conference? Whatever you want, you can find at McCarran.


The Best is Saved for Last: VMworld!

Did you know in 2016, VMworld attendees averaged 52.5 minutes learning in the Hands-on Labs. Close to 117k virtual machines and over 2k data control panels were used in the process! When attendees last year found themselves in need of a meal, they had over 41k buffets to choose from. Additionally, as wonderful as VMworld is to learn about new technology, it’s also beautifully decorated. VMworld 2016 alone had 525 lights hung! And guess what? VMworld 2017 is going to be even better!


VMworld will be a whirlwind of a ride; the conference will go by in a flash. When you’re packing up and preparing to head to McCarran at the end of trip, take some time to think about what you have learned. Maybe make plans to get a meal with the people you met at VMworld and discuss how you’re going to use VMware’s new solutions!


Ready to join us at VMworld? Learn more about the conference’s offerings with our content catalog.


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