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VMworld: 8 VMTN Community Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

To recognize VMTN Community contributors, there are going to be 8 fantastic programs running at VMworld – including some for those who cannot attend the event. Get excited and get signed up for the following:

For the Folks at Home:

  1. Beams (VMworld US only):
  • 3 Beams at the VMTN Community Area.
  • Beams are video conferencing tools which provide the freedom to explore VMvillage from the comfort of your own home.
  • Sign up now!
  1. VMTN Homepage Takeover
  • Featuring: livestream videos, VMworld social, live podcasts, blogs, {code}fest updates, and links to the forums with information on the latest VMware announcements.
  • Bookmark this page to Stay Connected.

For the Show-Goers:

  1. vBrownBag TechTalks – A VMTN Member

  1. Closed Booths Available for Podcast, Vlog, or even Webinar creation
  1. Blogger Program
  • Blogger tables will be set-up to provide a space for bloggers to write, charge, and network.
  • VMware Blogger Program Manager, Elsa Mayer, will be manning this area in the US and Europe to introduce her plans for the program and hand-out SWAG do nothing else… Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by.
  1. {code}fest
  • Come visit VMware {code} program manager, Tim Bonnemann, at his VMware {code} in the VMTN Community Area to learn about the program, sign-up, and get more SWAG do nothing else.
  • {code}fest sessions available for registration in the VMworld US and Europe.
  • Sign up for the {code} fest Hackathon on Monday night at VMworld U.S. and VMworld Europe.
  • Amazon Echos will be given away at the VMware {code} booth, at Hackathon Training Sessions, and at the Hackathon.
  1. CloudCred
  • CloudCred will support the VMware Hands-On Labs by running the CloudCred, Hands-On Labs Challenge.
  • Each lab and workshop will have its own unique, corresponding task on the CloudCred website.
  • Every day, CloudCred & the Labs will award Amazon Echoes, along with other prizes to those people landing in the top spots on the CloudCred, Labs Leaderboard
  • Visit CloudCred community manager, Noell Grier, in the Hands-on Labs area at VMworld US or Europe, to learn more.
  1. vExpert Party
  • Each year, vExpert Advocacy Manager, Corey Romero, hosts all of the vExperts for an after-hours event at a fantastic location near VMworld. Inside-scoop: this years US party will be held at the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame.
  • If you are a vExpert, watch your email for invitations to both the US and Europe parties.

And that’s a wrap! I will see you folks either virtually, or in person at the VMTN Community Area in VMvillage in just over a month.

For further information or questions around these programs, email the VMTN Community Manager, katieb@vmware.com.

vExpert NSX 2017 Award Announcement

Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert NSX. I’m pleased to announce the list of 2017 vExperts who received the NSX award. Each of these vExperts has demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

The program is built upon the vExpert program. To apply you must be a current vExpert as well as evangelizing VMware NSX. We will open applications once per year for each of the sub-programs.

If you were in the program previously and no longer, you may have missed the application window. Please email vExpert at VMware.

Thank You,

Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team

First Last
Brandon Bazan
Cody De Arkland
Ron Fuller
Wojciech Marusiak
Robert Verdam
Jason Meers
Caio Oliveira
Tomas Fojta
Mikael Korsgaard Jensen
Dwayne Sinclair
Paul Meehan
Nick Scuola
Ronald de Jong
Joe Clarke
Jonathan Copeland
Niels Hagoort
Ray Budavari
Ian Walker
Chris Neale
Brandon Seymour
Ted Spinks
Trevor Pott
Fabrizio de Luca
Michael Rudloff
Petr McAllister
Jason Nash
Eric Sloof
Scott Lowe
Nicolai Sandager
Karel Novak
Andrea Mauro
Tom Howarth
Edward Haletky
Ather Beg
Sebastian Grugel
Ron Flax
Chi Kin Wu
Matthew Leib
Mike Armstrong
Abdullah Abdullah
Rawlinson Rivera
Matthias Eisner
Yves Sandfort
Chris Clancy
Marc Huppert
Kalen Arndt
Mariusz Kaczorek
John Statt
Sander Martijn
sandeep kaushik
Matthew Bunce
Brian Ragazzi
Ranjit Singh Thakurratan
Luis Concistre
Andrew Brydon
Brad Christian
Darryl Cauldwell
Javier Galvez
Marius Sandbu
Patricio Cerda
Niran Even-Chen
Tolga Tohumcu
Paul McSharry
Yoshimasa Yamamoto
Sateesh Thupakula
Elver Sena Sosa
Aram Avetisyan
Ivo Beerens
Go Watanabe
Chanaka Ekanayake
Kyle Jenner
Fernando Silva
Marco van Baggum
Sjors Robroek
Brandon Hahn
Johan van Amersfoort
Daemon Behr
Jose Maria Gonzalez
Manish Patel
Masanori Nara
Florian Grehl
Myles Gray
Eric Sloof
Joep Piscaer
Robert Bauer
Manish Jha
Igor Zecevic
Marc De Grasse
Heino Skov
Jarosław Zieliński
Matthew Larson
Luke Huckaba
Saurav Issar
Rushdi Rizvy
René van den Bedem
Chris Wahl
Michał Iwańczuk
Marc Vincent Davoli
Fabian Lenz
Clinton Prentice
Carlos Andrés Robles Lascarro
James Cruickshank
Rich Dowling
Ebrahim Aldesouky
Russ OConnor
Christian Strijbos
Chris Forbis
mauro balbiani
Kohei Matsumoto
Gomaa Ghoneem
Christian Parker
Joshua Sims
Peter van Roosmalen
Anthony Spiteri
Chestin Hay
David Espejo
Tim Davis
William de Marigny
Romain Decker
raymundo escobar
Nathan Goh
Joseph Griffiths
Ryan Johnson
Anjani Kumar
Ariel Sanchez Mora
Manny Sidhu
Martijn Smit
Kazumi Takata
Steve Wood
Ross Wynne
Waleed Akl
Manfred Hofer
Bo Bo Zin
Gabriel Maciel
Dave Davis
Pablo Scheri
Christopher Kusek
Giuliano Bertello
Sam McGeown
Simone Di Mambro
Justin Bias
Karthik Varadaraja
Joshua Andrews
Jeffrey Kusters
Erik Verbruggen
Brian Kirsch
Trevor Smith
Bayu Wibowo
James Streit
Christopher Lewis

vExpert 2017 VSAN Announcement

Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert VSAN. Myself and VMware Storage Business Unit are pleased to announce the list of 2017 vExperts who received the VSAN award. This elite group includes bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, tool builders, community leaders and general enthusiasts. This group of individuals have passion and enthusiasm for technology, but more importantly, have demonstrated significant activity and evangelism around VSAN.

The program is build upon the vExpert program. To apply you must be a current vExpert as well as evangelizing VMware VSAN. We will open applications once per year for each of the sub-programs.

Please join us in congratulating them and welcoming them to the vExpert VSAN program. We couldn’t be more excited to partner and work with both the Storage BU and the vExpert program!

Thank You,

Corey Romero and the VMware Storage Business Unit

First Last
Ebrahim Aldesouky
Puneet Arora
Aram Avetisyan
Dan Barr
Brian Beeler
Ivo Beerens
Justin Bias
Ryan Birk
Niclas Borgström
Joseph Roy Barker
Paul Braren
Mark Brookfield
Matthew BUnce
Erik Bussink
Christopher Chua
Ricardo Conzatti
James Cruickshank
Tim Davis
Marc De Grasse
Fabrizio de Luca
Tayfun Deger
Lee Dilworth
Chanaka Ekanayake
Rebecca Fitzhugh
Gomaa Ghoneem
Brandon Graves
Myles Gray
Florian Grehl
Sebastian Grugel
Niels Hagoort
Krzysztof Hermanowski
Martin Hosken
Luke Huckaba
Marc Huppert
Sungho Hwang
Timothy Ingalls
Saurav Issar
Kyle Jenner
Ryan Johnson
Mariusz Kaczorek
Steve Kaplan
Jens Klasen
Brian Knutsson
Anastasis Ksouzafeiris
AJ Kuftic
Anjani Kumar
Christopher Kusek
William Lam
Jason Langer
Matthew Larson
Fabian Lenz
Leandro Ariel Leonhardt
Scott Lowe
Matt Mancini
Johan Marais
Frederic Martin
Tiago Martinez
Jason Massae
Andrea Mauro
Sam McGeown
Paul McSharry
Jason Meers
Christian Mohn
Dave Morera
Chris Nakagaki
Kevin O’Brien
Michael PERES
Anthony Poh
Tony Reeves
Kiran Reid
Rawlinson Rivera
Roger Samdal
Yves Sandfort
raphael schitz
Greg Schulz
Vladan SEGET
Eric Sloof
Anthony Spiteri
Benjamin Ulsamer
Marco van Baggum
Herco van Brug
Rene van den Bedem
Manh Luan Vo
Wei-Ren Wang
Michael Wilmsen
Jeff Wong
Chi Kin Wu
Yoshimasa Yamamoto
Emad Younis
Bo Bo Zin

vExpert 2017 Second Half Announcement

Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert. I’m pleased to announce the list of 2017 Second Half vExperts. Each of these vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

I want to personally thank everyone who applied and point out that a “vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities. If you feel like you were not selected in error, that’s entirely possible.

The judges may have overlooked or misinterpreted what you wrote in your application. Email us at vexpert@vmware.com and we can discuss your situation. We looked at all of the 2015 and some of 2016 activities to determine the voting results.

If you were selected as a vExpert 2017 Second Half, we will be conducting on-boarding this week. You should now have the welcome email in your inbox which will explain the entire program and what you need to do to be enrolled in our private vExpert community as well as listed in the vExpert directory. We will use the email address provided in your vExpert application. We will extend the vExpert Reception invite to you for both VMworld US in Las Vegas as well as VMworld Europe in Barcelona. Congratulations to all the vExperts, new and returning.

We’re looking forward to working with you. Command + F away and find your name if you can’t wait for the welcome email.

Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team

Note: The list below are the newly added vExperts only. This is not the complete vExpert list.

First Name Last Name Twitter
Max Abelardo @mabelard
Charles Adams @whitehattechs
belal adel
Hammad Alam @vcdx248
Muhammed Ali muhammedali275
Aidan Thomson thebigbluebin
Mehmet AYDIN diaboliksword
Adrian Begg @AdrianBegg
Uma sanker Panda @UmaPanda81
Preben Berg @poulpreben
Rob Bishop @rob_a_b
Christiaan Brinkhoff @Brinkhoff_C
Yamato Sakai
Hans Kraaijeveld @hanskraaijeveld
Joseph Roy Barker
JOHN DE ARAUJO @johncostaaraujo
Gilad Broun @giladbrown
Douglas Brown @douglasabrown
Brian Bunke @brianbunke
Saurabh Chandratre SC_vNextGen
Luis Chanu @LuisChanu
Todd D’Amore
Noel Lacayo @noel_lacayo
Saadallah Chebaro @s_chebaro
Jack Cherkas @jackcherkas
Chris Colotti @CColotti
Manuel Serrano de Haro
Alex Schenck
Celia Cristaldo Cantero @celiacri
Barry Schiffer @barryschiffer
Rhian Cross @rhiancohen
David Davis @DavidMDavis
Ivan de Mes @ivandemes
Prabhu Barathi @prabhu_b
Mike Dent @mikedent13
Dillon Doxey VCDX229
Pawel Drazkowski @_Drazkowski
Hamza El Fajjaj
Jad El-Zein @virtualjad
Peter Flecha @vPedroArrow
Mike Gelhar @mikegelhar
Andrew Gerrie aegerrie
Matthieu GIOIA @notmg
Joao Grade @j_grade
William Grismore @grizzamore
Brett Guarino @Brett_Guarino
John Hague @jhague10
Jeremy Hall VMjhall
Rhys Hammond @HammondRhys
Faisal Hasan @FaisalHasan80
Derek Hennessy @derekhennessy
Jorge Luis Hernandez @swatcat666
Jose Manuel Hernandez Benitez jos3mhb
Joseph Houghes @jhoughes
Kevin Howell @kevhowla
Alton Ingram
Yohei Ishihara
Darshana Jayathilake @darshanajayathi
Britton Johnson vcixnv
Spas Kaloferov @SpasKaloferov
Byounghee Kim
Arron King @cybersylum
Nick Korte @NetworkNerd_
Deepak koshal @deepakkoshal
Veli Kadir KOZAN @velikadirkozan
John Kozej @vcdx245
Vijay Kumar @jaysheezzy
Rajeev Kumar @rajeevc64867759
Michael Leahy @mikeleahy1234Ba
Ariel Liguori aliguo
Naresh Madiraju
Dukagjin Maloku DugiDM
HEURTIN Manuel @manul63
Wesley Martins Silva @wesmrt
Ángel Muñoz Guerrero @AngelMGTech
Ken Nalbone @KenNalbone
Michael Noone Yinzvirtual
Paul Parmentier
Mark Plettenberg @MarkPlettenberg
Alexandro Prado https://twitter.com/alexandroprado
John Putnam @putnajoe
James Rankin 0
Martez Reed greenreedtech
Joerg Roesch oergman
Rodrigo Rovere @blogciscoredes
Hussam Sawaged @HussamSawaqed
Michael Schroeder @Microlytix
Romain Serre @RomSerre
Ryan Shellenberger
Herman Silva bighermWPB
Harjit Singh @pmlogs
jitendra singh @jitendra12singh
Jitendra Singh @Jitendr87037334
Gerard Slotboom @slotboom
Dennis Smith @DennisMSmith
Iakov Sovluk
Christian Stankowic @stankowic_devel
John Statt @john.statt
Andy Syrewicze @asyrewicze
Dusan Tekeljak @mavatko
Aung Zaw Zaw Tun
Paul Twomey
Colin Westwater @cwestwater
Gary Williams @garyw_
Geoff Wilmington Geoff Wilmington
Bram Wolfs @bramwolfs
Paul Wynne @vdiallstar
Tayfun Yaban @tayfunyaban
Chip Zoller @chipzoller
Mischa Buijs BeVirtualnet
Christopher Frenz
Akira Koda

Congratulations to #VMTN Community Warrior, @firestartah

Submit a nomination for the next VMTN Community Warrior. In 2017, this program will be recognizing and rewarding 25 users who commit time and energy to engaging in community discussions and capturing the values of VMware Technology Network. Learn more.

Congratulations to Gregg, also known on VMTN as, @firestartah and welcome to the VMTN Community Warrior Hall of Fame. Gregg is an exceptional person, someone who has truly embedded giving back to the VMware community into his day-to-day life.

Not only is Gregg a VMTN Community Moderator, he:

  • Co-hosts the EMEA #vBrownBag podcast/webinar series every Tuesday at 7PM GMT
  • Has been a vExpert for 7 years in a row
  • Holds a VCDX-DVC (#205) – and mentors others to help them achieve theirs
  • Regularly speaks at London VMUG

The list goes on! Gregg – thanks for all that you do.

Check out what Gregg had to say…

K: What is it that attracted you to the VMware community? When did you get involved?

G: When I started learning virtualization and VMware in particular almost ten years ago I did what a lot of people did, and still do today, and that is read some of the top blogs. From reading these, I started following these bloggers and anyone else who was talking about VMware on Twitter. The Twitter community was quite small then and I remember being able to read every tweet all the people I followed each day without much issue which allowed me to really connect with fellow vNerds and learn so much from all of them.

K: I remember those days… How did your involvement evolve from there?

G: The number of people who were willing to help really inspired me so I decided to start trying to give back in any way I could so I wrote blog postings about little things I fixed and whose blogs helped me with it, or I would go on the VMware communities and try to help answer people’s problems. Doing the blogging and communities work led me to become a vExpert which I have been graciously awarded every year since. I have also become a communities’ moderator. I loved doing all of it from blogging, to tweeting, to attending the London VMUG, to becoming part of the vBrownbag crew.

What has kept me involved so long is honestly the people in the community. The benefits I have found not just from a work perspective, but also a friendship perspective has been amazing.




K: That’s great. I know you do a lot of mentoring for certifications and are heavily involved in those communities on VMTN. For community members who are looking to gain more certifications, and maybe even looking to achieve their VCDX, how would you recommend preparing?

G: Certification pages were and still partly are what I’m known for in the community as it was the way I could collate the study resources I was using for my VCP’s and VCAP’s and now VCDX. Certainly, learn NSX and do the VCP-NV if you can as I think you’ll never regret learning about SDN. If you are looking at doing the VCAP’s then there are loads of great resources out there which I’ve listed on my blog and some really good VMware courses as well. The VCAP’s are challenging but are really good to do especially the administration ones if you are working with VMware every day.

I would highly recommend getting your VCDX especially for the journey and the number of things you learn along that journey. Doing the VCDX is a very big commitment and I always recommend people speak to their significant other and let them know you will be dedicating time to getting the certification. I always recommend starting as soon as possible on the VCDX journey and there are loads of great resources out there from blogs, to books to podcasts to VCDX Workshops to help you. Also 99% of the current VCDX’s are very approachable people who are happy to help you along on your journey as long as you are willing to pull your own weight.

K: That’s fantastic advice – I know you’ve taken it to the next level… How did you get involved in mentoring others?

G: I’m not sure really, I think it’s linked to writing my VCP/VCAP/VCDX study resources pages and trying to give back to the community that helped me so much. I have had and still have loads of people giving me advice and helping me grow and pushing me and so I wanted to give that back as well. When I passed my VCDX and actually even whilst I was still going for it, I wanted to try to help as many people along as possible and connect people aiming for it so we could all learn from each other. The VCDX study/mock group I have run for the last few years has amazed me with the amount people have grown and that everyone who benefitted is now helping others. We have seen a pass from every round of VCDX defenses since we started which is amazing!

Wow! Thank you, Gregg – and congratulations again!

To get in touch with Gregg, you can find him here:

Do you see someone frequently answering questions in your favorite forums? Did someone provide server saving support to you recently at a VMUG or over Twitter? Any community involvement counts. Head to the Community Warrior page to nominate a user, or email katieb@vmware.com.

Congratulations to #VMTN Community Warrior: @jfrappier

Submit a nomination for the next VMTN Community Warrior. In 2017, this program will be recognizing and rewarding 25 users who commit time and energy to engaging in community discussions and capturing the values of VMware Technology Network. Learn more.

Congratulations, and welcome to the VMTN Community Warrior Hall of Fame @Jfrappier.  It is an honor to put the spotlight on you, because you deserve it. Check out the nomintation Jonathan received the following nomination from Community Warrior: @arielsanchezmor:

Jonathan is a veteran of the vExpert and EMCelect communities who has been a big influence in the Boston virtualization groups and has been an integral member of vBrownBag. He has also led the charge in publishing content that bridges the devops tools integrations with vSphere (out of his own time, this is not his job role) at jfrap.com and has helped many in the vCommunity as a mentor and sounding board. Unusually quiet in person, yet one of the funniest I know, my main reason for nominating him is that I know (from being a vBrownBag crew member) that Jonathan is the engine that keeps vBrownBag running, always scheduling people with ample time and doing the hard work of choosing a new topic and getting presenters for it. He takes care of all the little jobs that are needed, and also finds time to regularly present when he is asked to. I have only seen his impact in the last two years, and yet I know he has been doing this for a long time.


I think Ariel captured why Jonathon was chosen to receive this badge. Jonathan is not only active on VMTN, but as Ariel says, he is a vExpert who is heavily involved with the vBrownBag organization. Beyond that, the man is also active on GitHub, he recently delivered the keynote at the annual Virtualization Technology User Group (VTUG) Spring Forward meetup, is active in the Boston VMUG, is constantly tweeting, blogging, sharing, learning, and LIVING the foundational principles behind a great community. He even had a book published.

Let’s learn a bit more about this warrior…

K: You are clearly a VMware community guy – what is the unique value for you in each?

J: None, and any…all at once. I am less interested in any particular vertical community and more interested in meeting other people. Since my interests are spread across technology I just choose to meet smart, open, people who are interested in helping others with positive feedback. If that person is a SQL DBA – cool, I’ve played the role of SQL admin before. Network admin? Yup, done that. Developer – I just want to hear more from those people as I think our world is headed towards “everything as code.”

K: How are you going to get involved with community at VMworld?

J: I will be in the hang space (VMvillage) almost the entire event, I’ll pop down to the vendor place but otherwise I’ll be connecting with people and helping vBrownBag produce TechTalks.

K: Do you want to tell me a bit about the vBrownBag TechTalk you will be delivering?

J: At VMworld US I will be doing a vBrownBag Tech Talk on using the vSphere 6.5 REST APIs though an Ansible playbook. I’ve long been a fan of Ansible and being able to use to automate and manage the configuration of my vSphere environment combines two products I enjoy working with.

For those that haven’t worked with APIs before, don’t worry because we will be kicking off a vBrownBag series on APIs right after VMworld US with a ton of great presenters and topics.

Thank you, Jonathan – and congratulations again!

To check out Jonathan’s TechTalk at VMworld U.S., register for VMTN6616U on ScheduleBuilder. To get in touch online, you can reach Jonathan here:

Do you see someone frequently answering questions in your favorite forums? Did someone provide server saving support to you recently at a VMUG or over Twitter? Any community involvement counts. Head to the Community Warrior page to nominate a user, or email katieb@vmware.com.

VMTN Community – Beaming Around VMworld

Not attending VMworld 2017? Fear not, the VMware Social Media Team is not going to let you miss out! We are excited to announce that the Beams are back for VMworld 2017! So, even if you aren’t able to attend VMworld in person, you can still Beam around the conference floor, experiencing the various programs and showcases, and interacting with VMworld attendees via your computer or device.

The Beams will be available during all four days of the conference. To schedule your visit and guarantee your slot,  you just have to sign up to reserve your spot: VMworld 2017 Beams

We hope you join us for the amazing VMworld experience and Beam in to say hello!

VMworld 2017: Closed Booths Available in the VMTN Community Area

This year, VMTN is making it a priority to empower podcasters, vloggers, and content creators. At our VMTN Community Area in VMvillage we will have booths available to enable the VMware community to produce quality audio content in a quiet area. This means, when you’re sharing news and opinions, you won’t have to share the background noise of 9,999+ people walking around a convention center.

In the U.S. there will be 2 booths and in Europe there will be 1. These booths will have four walls and a ceiling to optimize audio within the booth. Time within these booths will be allocated in a first come first serve basis. To reserve a time please fill out the following form:


Europe: https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-35674

U.S.: https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-35644

*There will be no AV tools provided. Please bring your own recording devices if necessary.

VMTN will also promote your podcasts should you opt in. At the top of the above documents, there will be a link to a form. Should you choose to fill out the form, your podcast will be added to our featured podcasts list on VMTN.

See you at VMworld 2017!

Congratulations to #VMTN Community Warrior: @rajeevsrikant

 Submit a nomination for the next VMTN Community Warrior. In 2017, this program will be recognizing and rewarding 25 users who commit time and energy to engaging in community discussions and capturing the values of VMware Technology Network. Learn more.

I’m happy to announce, and extend my congratulations to VMTN’s new Community Warrior @rajeevsrikant. Welcome to the Community Warrior Hall of Fame! For those that have been to the VMTN NSX page in the past three years will recognize @rajeevsrikant’s handle. What makes him special is he gives as much as he gets.

Not only does @rajeevsrikant answer customer questions, but he asks them. He leverages VMTN as a place for support, while providing support to others. He takes time every day to improve the community ecosystem for VMware customers, and that makes him a Community Warrior. Thank you and congratulations!

Let’s learn a bit more about this warrior…

K: How were you originally introduced to communities and what inspired you to stay involved?

R: Initially when I was very new to NSX technology, I was looking for open communities where I can learn, share & find answers to queries/problem. VMTN provided the exact platform which I was looking for which is helping me to learn something new every day. It helped to interact with people of multiple skill sets, share their experience & knowledge which is very useful.

K: So, you leveraged it as a platform to learn. That’s great. What have you gained through your involvement with VMTN?

R: VMTN is a knowledge warehouse & it provides easy & fastest way to address any real-time problems. It helped me in acquiring adequate knowledge about the technology & which was useful for my work. It also provided me a platform to share the experience & knowledge to other members.

K: What has your NSX journey been?

R: My NSX journey has been a fun ride. As a pure hardcore networking guy I was assigned to work in the network virtualization project using NSX with not much experience on VMware platform in the past. Completely new to this technology, HOL provided me the best platform to learn about NSX & gets hands on. Knowledge gained through VMTN & HOL gave me huge confidence during implementation NSX in an enterprise environment in large scale deployment. I am proud to say that I am VCIX-NV certified.

K: The ultimate question: would you recommend NSX to other networking professionals?

R: Yes, I do recommend NSX as this is the future of networking. The features, functionality, flexibility & ease of deployment which NSX offers makes it stand out among its competitors. NSX is the game changer for Data Center networks.

K: And finally… Tell us a fun fact about you!

R: I am a friendly character & I love reading.

Thanks for sharing @rajeevsrikant! If you are interested in making any book recommendations, learning more about his NSX experiences, or making a friend – message or follow him on VMTN. He is always posting great content like:

NSX Edge Gateway – On Demand Failover

Congratulations again and thanks for all of your community engagement!

Do you see someone frequently answering questions in your favorite forums? Did someone provide server saving support to you recently at a VMUG or over Twitter? Any community involvement counts. Head to the Community Warrior page to nominate a user, or email katieb@vmware.com.

Discover VMTN: 3 Remarkable Reasons to Come to Communities for Support

Blog 3 – series predecessors: VMTN Global Forums, 7 Ways to Gain Points

VMware Technology Network is a communities’ platform comprised of 3.2 million members and only three, as of today, can boast that they host this badge on their profile.

What makes these 3 users remarkable? They are a part of VMware’s Global Services team – they are Knowledge Champions* – and they have integrated into the VMTN ecosystem to spread that knowledge to whoever is in need. These users are committing time to ensure that any  query that is not addressed with peer-to-peer support within a reasonable window receives the attention it needs to reach a resolution.

*At VMware, the title of Knowledge Champion is given to those responsible for coordinating with engineering and the technical support team to publish accurate internal and external knowledge base articles. Communities is a hot bed for content – as they support VMTN, VMTN inspires them!

Meet 3 of the great reasons VMTN should be your go-to site for VMware support:

Knowledge Champion: @AishR

IT experience of 10 years, where she worked as an SE on various domains – hardware and software. She is passionate about resolving customer queries and validating technical documents.

Main VMware areas of Interest:  Virtualization, Networking, Data center technology

Technical Certifications: VCA-5, VCP-5

Other Certifications: Six sigma Green belt, Certified Scrum Master

Fun fact: Dancing makes one smarter and it worked for me 😊


Knowledge Champion: @mhampto

Previously a TSE in the Sysops group prior to being a Knowledge Champion.

Main VMware areas of interest: certifications, and history

Technical Certifications: VCP4 and 5, six in progress. Specialize in vSphere (ESXi, vCenter Server)

Fun fact: Enjoys riding motorcycles in the Rockies


Knowledge Champion: @parmarr

Rahul spent 7 years in the Support Industry, working on product releases, content editing, and the VMware Licensing Support Team, before joining the Knowledge Experience team.

Main VMware areas of interest: licensing & account management

Technical Certifications: VCA-5, VSP, VTSP, Working on VCP-6

Fun fact: People friendly 😊 I like to meet and know new people.



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