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VMware at #Interop 2016


Connecting the IT Community – VMware at Interop 2016

View the listing of VMware sessions during the week

If you’re at Interop, don’t miss these key spotlight sessions:

Interop Theater Session
Automating Security Workflows: The SDDC Approach  Bruce Davie, CTO Networking
Wednesday, May 4 – 11:30 – 11:45 AM
Location: Interop Theater in Exhibit Hall
Abstract: Security in the data center today involves mapping policies to the network topology.  This results in imperfect security (the network is under constant change), which is slow to deploy, and even slower to adapt when change is required.  But what if it were possible to move away from the traditional source/destination way of describing policy?  What if you knew deep information about every element in the data center and could take advantage of this “total inventory” to create better security policies that adapt automatically to changing conditions?  With VMware NSX and its SDDC approach to network security, you can. This session will help you start this approach and start your journey to the SDDC.

Storage Vendor Tech Session
The Easiest Path to Hyperconvergence – Virtual SAN and VMware Hyper-Converged Software – Rawlinson Rivera, Principle Architect, Storage & Availability
Wednesday, May 4 – 3:00 – 3:45 PM
Location: Mandalay Bay L
Abstract:  The ubiquitous use of server virtualization and the emergence of the cloud has increased end-user expectations for performance and responsiveness, while adding pressure on IT to lower costs and increase efficiency. Join us in this session to learn how you can easily and cost-effectively extend your virtualized datacenter into a hyper-converged architecture using VMware’s market-leading hypervisor, vSphere, and the hyper-converged storage solution, Virtual SAN.  We’ll specifically examine how Virtual SAN is helping solve traditional IT and storage challenges through a flash-optimized, high performance architecture, unified management and the simplicity of consuming, operating and scaling infrastructure.

VMware Booth #405 in the Expo Hall
Explore the VMware product demos, Theater presentations and meet the VMware team!

(click on the Theater schedule below to zoom in)

interop-theater     interop-booth

Social Media Stream for VMware at #Interop 2016
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VMware at #EMCworld 2016


“Software-Define Your Future” with VMware at EMC World 2016
If you will be attending EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas (May 2-5), join us for a value-packed agenda of VMware keynotes, sessions, demos and labs for SDDC, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud-Native Apps.

Visit our VMware booth (Solutions Expo) for theater presentations every 20 minutes and meet our technical staff in person at any of the booth pods for product demos and Q&A.  The VMware booth team will be offering fantastic raffle prizes for attending booth demos and instant prizes for participants in other activities.

VMware Keynotes (General Session Theater):
Tuesday, May 3rd, 10am – Ray O’Farrell – VMware Management & Orchestration
Wednesday, May 4th, 10am – Kit Colbert – VMware Cloud Native Apps

VMware Breakout Sessions & Booth Theater Presentations:
(click to enlarge – refresh for updates)

emworld-sessions      emcworld-theater

Social Media Stream for VMware at #EMCworld 2016
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Follow VMware and EMC World Twitter updates:
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Watch LIVE and recorded video coverage online:
theCUBE video (interviews, highlights)
EMC TV (keynotes, interviews, highlights)

EMC World 2016 Mobile App:
Available for iOS, Android or Web App

Questions about VMware products or solutions?
Ask our team onsite at the VMware Booth or in sessions
Explore our VMTN Community Forums for Q&A
Explore the Everything VMware at EMC Community

Hope to see you in Las Vegas for EMC World 2016!

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #188 – SAP, vFabric Application Director

John Troyer, @jtroyer
Alex Maier, @vmwarecommunity

Abigail Lee, VMware
Damian Karlson, EMC @sixfootdad 
Ben Scheerer, VMware blog @benscheerer @vCenterOps

Link to Audio Recording
SAP, vFabric Application Director

Virtualization News (VMTN Blog)

WOW – the team at VMware have been busy…

Introducing VMware vFabric Suite 5.1: Automated Deployment, New Components, and Open Source Support

New features/components/updates

VMware product page has received a makeover – check it out
The registration is now open for – VMworld 2012 San Francisco lets make it a record year!
VMworld Call for papers closes on the May 18 – there will be no extensions for the CFP.
Three full-day VMUG conferences – San Diego, Central Ohio, and Denver
IT from the inside – share your story today
VMware+ at EMC World + Instagram (#VMware Plus, #EMCworld)
vScience, The Science of Virtualization, Workshop in Austin, TX July 23rd-25th, 2012.

Ben will be at the Central Ohio VMUG May 22.  Topic Redefining the Standard for Operations Management with vCenter Operations

New VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) 1.1 Overview

Download your eval today- vCenter Infrastructure Navigator – Automatically discover application services, visualize relationships and map dependencies of applications on virtualized compute, storage and network resources

 No agents deployed for VIN…

WIN – free tickets to VMworld/Dinner with expert panelists – if you own licenses to vCenter Operations – we want to hear your story!


VCAP exams user interface demos

[APAC] #vBrownBag Follow-Up – VCAP5-DCD Wrap-Up

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – VCAP5-DCD Exam

Virtualization AutoLab 

Additional Links

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes – #173 vCenter Infrastructure Navigator & Chargeback

John Troyer
Alex Maier

Hemant Gaidhani, VMware
Hassen Abdu, VMware
Shrikam Goplaswyami,VMware

Link to Audio Recording
vCenter Infrastructure Navigator & Chargeback

Virtualization News
VMTN Community Platform Layout – New Tabs (Google+LinkedinGroupsPodcasts)
The Cloud Vendor Landscape – The VMware Advantage According to the Taneja Group
Preserving Multi-Cloud Choice and Flexibility with Cloud Foundry “Open PaaS”
LonVMUG Best Community Presentation of 2011 Awards
John Troyer Google+ Virtualization Circle
Toronto VMUG User Conference – Feb 7, 2012 Join the conversation on twitter #tovmug

VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator – Visualize Dependencies - enables application-aware management of infrastructure and operations to better understand the impact of change, provide more complete disaster recovery protection and minimize downtime.

Download your eval NOW - VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator Documentation

VMware Infrastructure Navigator discussion forum

VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator - Delivered as a virtual appliance, vCenter 5.0 is a requirement

VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager - Improve utilization of virtual infrastructure with accurate visibility into the true costs of virtualized workloads.

Download your eval NOW - VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager

VMware vCenter Chargeback discussion forum

VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager Connector For IT Business Management Suite

VMware IT Business Management Suite (ITBM) - gives you the right level of visibility into the costs, utilization and service levels of IT services, CIOs can plan, manage and optimize the cost, value, and alternatives in the emerging world of dynamic IT.

vCenter Orchestrator plugin for vCenter Chargeback Manager – coming soon!

Additional Links

VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator Videos

New community for vCenter Operations launched

Screen shot 2011-03-15 at 9.49.15 AM  Last night, vCenter Operations has gone GA, and at the same time we have launched a new community for it.

Come check out VMware vCenter Operations community to learn about the product, watch a video tutorial given by Kit Colbert, or ask a question in the community forum.

VMware vCenter Operations helps you to proactively ensure service levels, optimum resource usage and configuration compliance in dynamic virtual and cloud environments. Through automated operations management and patented analytics, you benefit from an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management.

SRM value prop & SRM failback from Chad Sakac

EMC’s Chad Sakac goes into SRM failback (essentially running SRM back from the Recovery Site to your original site), but in the midst of this talks about the value proposition of SRM when, after all, many of the required steps can just be scripted, right?

Link: Virtual Geek: A Few Technical Threads – Part 3: SRM Failback.

  1. SRM exactly automates those steps.    Automation in a DR
    situation is everything.   Buildings will be burning or sprinklers
    running, and cellphones will be ringing.  It’s not the time for complex manual operations. 
  2. Could
    it be manually scripted?   Sure.   Who will maintain that script?   
    Traditionally – DR was reserved generally for mainframes and other
    things deemed "mission critical" enough for expensive Disaster
    Recovery.   In those cases, the environments are VERY static – so the
    idea of creating a DR plan, refreshing it and testing it once a year at
    a multi-million dollar cost was reasonable.   VMware is different, and
    SRM brings DR to a whole new use case.   This same week, I talked to a
    customer who is adding 100 VMs a week on their infrastructure.   Heck,
    even if you’re doing 1 a week, will you update that script constantly? 
  3. They
    tested a single VM booting.  Yeah!   They have 400 VMs today.   First
    of all, who’s going to manually register all those VMs.   More
    importantly – what is are the DEPENDENCIES between the VMs?   There is
    a specific start sequence needed, or your entire DR plan will not work.
    I’m always interested in IT how projects needing cross-domain expertise
    are hard, because everyone trivializes everyone else’s work or
    complexity.   AD and DNS, then Exchange/SQL Server, then Sharepoint –
    and somewhere in their, your hundreds of other VMs – in a specific
    start sequence.   Who will figure out the specific start
    dependencies the first time, and how will that be maintained in this
    uber-script?   SRM help, and come to AD3500 at VMworld to find out what
    EMC is doing to make this easy.
  4. The tested booting the VM on an isolated vswitch.   The IP addressing scheme at the remote site was totally different.   What will update all the IPs?   Update DNS?   Do any hosts hardcode IPs rather than use DNS names… anywhere?   
  5. The
    test (including the one they did) is a useless test unless it is an
    END-TO-END test.   Otherwise, you have told your management that you
    are ready, and the unthinkable happens and you have failed them, you’ve
    failed your business, and you’ve failed yourself.  In other words, a successful "pseudo test" which leads to "we have it figured out" unless you REALLY test – GUARANTEES FAILURE.