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VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #194 – vFabric 5.1

John Troyer, @jtroyer
Alex Maier, @vmwarecommunity

Al Sargent, VMware @vFabric

Link to Audio Recording
vFabric 5.1

Virtualization News (VMTN Blog)
vCenter Operations "Tell Your Story" Contest Ends today (Jully 11)
VMware Certified Advanced Professional on vSphere 5 for Datacenter Administration (VCAP5-DCA)
VMware's First Cloud Certification – VCP-IaaS
VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop starts on July 16thJoin the fun
VMware User Group (VMUG) full-day user conferences happening next month
VMworldContent Calendar
VMworldConvince Your Boss


VMware vFabric Suite

vFabric Suite is a lightweight, scalable, integrated middleware suite for data-intensive custom applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Optimized for the open source Spring Framework which is used by more than 50% of Java developers worldwide, vFabric is ideally suited for VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure and provides a clear pathway to the cloud for your custom applications.

What you use to build custom web applications in java that run on top of vSphere, for example southwest.com

Application middleware stack – Webserver | Application Container (Apache Tomcat) | Message Server (RabbitMQ) | Databases (SqlFire, GemFire, Postgres)

VMware vFabric Application Director (requires vCloud Director)- provision new VMs with middleware components, quickly and easily

VMware vFabric Elastic Memory for Java – dynamically share memory between application servers on the same vSphere Host

VMware vFabric Data Director – Allows you to run database-aware virtualization and self-service lifecycle management

Sign up for Cloud Foundry today

[Download] VMware vFabric Suite Advanced Product Evaluation Center

HyperFORGE – created to facilitate collaboration on plugins and documentation for they Hyperic Community.

Wavemaker – is a rapid application development environment for building, maintaining and modernizing business-critical Web 2.0 applications.

Additional Links

Josh Atwell Blog – VCAP5-DCA Now Available!

Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 27 – #tmupdate

By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

Although it is still the "quiet period" due to the holidays the list is actually surprisingly long.I am guess VMworld and the release of vCenter Server 5.0 U1a has got something to do with that! I hope you will enjoy this list again, but for now I am going to enjoy my last couple of days of my holiday.

Blog posts:

vExpert Spotlight: Josh Atwell

HeadshotName:  Josh Atwell

Blog URL: www.vtesseract.com

Twitter Handle: @josh_atwell

Current Employer: Cisco


How did you get into IT?

I had worked in IT briefly during High School and college for our local school district.  I was involved with hardware upgrades and running new CAT5 cables throughout the new network.

While finishing my degree in Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University (Go Pack!) I realized that I didn't necessarily want to pursue a career in that industry.  It was not long after graduation I received an IM from a friend.  "Hey, Still looking for a job? Want mine?"  My immediate question was "Why do you not want it?"  After talking with him and interviewing I took my first real IT job as desktop support for a civil engineering firm.  Before long I was taking on new responsibilities that included server maintenance and writing scripts.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

Fast Forward a couple of years and I'm doing mostly server side work and we're implementing VMware ESX.  I'm fortunate enough to get included on the Install, Configure, and Manage course and within a year I've worked with others to redesign and rebuild our environment on the latest version and achieve my VCP.  This work led me to an opportunity in a bigger environment where I was able to focus almost exclusively on the virtual environment.  This led me to start scripting with PowerCLI.  I did some blogging at this time but had no real audience.

In 2011 I decided to start blogging again on vtesseract.com about some of the things that I had built over the previous 2 years. I also jumped on Twitter as a way to connect and to distribute my scripts to others who may be interested.  I managed to find ways to contribute to the VMware community through my blog, on Twitter, becoming a VMUG leader, and participating with the ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBags.  This work led to my being selected as a vExpert for 2012.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

I would tell them to be willing to put in extra time to learn and experiment.  I didn't become proficient with PowerCLI overnight. I still do not know how to do everything and I hope I never do.  Getting your hands on a homelab is a great way to hone skills and learn new technology.  Take what you've learned and share it with the community on your blog.  It motivates you to try new things and you'll be surprised who will end up reading what you write.

A week in virtualization

The vCenter Operations "Tell Your Story" Contest Ends today. We are seeking the most compelling story on how you used vCenter Operations Manager to help solve, or predict any issues in your environment – it’s that easy! Once submitted, your story will be judged by a panel of experts both from VMware and the VMware community.

We have two first prizes: a Ticket to VMworld 2012 ($1,800 value) and a chance to Co-present in a VMworld session, as well as have dinner with your fellow panelists – on us! The other first prize is a Ticket to VMworld EMEA 2012, a co-presentation in a session there, and a dinner with the panelists.

We also have two second prizes: someone in Europe and another person in the US will get a $500 Amex Gift Card and a bag of VMware Swag each. Visit vmware.com/go/vcops-story to find out more and to submit your story before the contest ends.

On Monday we announced the availability of VMware Certified Advanced Professional on vSphere 5 for Datacenter Administration (VCAP5-DCA), giving VCP5s a way to demonstrate expertise with VMware vSphere 5, as well as ability to use automation tools and implement virtualized environments.

The VCAP5-DCA exam is a unique, lab-based exam where you will perform tasks using actual equipment to verify your skill at installing, configuring, and administering large and complex virtualized environments. Visit our training and certification blog at blogs.vmware.com/education to find out the exam requirements and the link to the registration page.

Last week, we have launched our first vCloud certification beta, which focuses on VCP Infrastructure as a service. The VCP IaaS will focus on installing, configuring, and administering infrastructure as a service clouds based on vCloud Director, it is expected to be launched in late July. It requires that you already have a VCP so it’s the second form of the VCP with the VCP-DT being the other. Go to the vCloud blog at blogs.vmware.com/vcloud to find out more.

The free on-demand training bootcamp for VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop starts on July 16th. In this ten-part bootcamp we will show you how to get started and how to successfully roll out and deploy virtual desktops and applications and infrastructure to securely support mobile users. Everyone who registers for the bootcamp will also receive a free e-book with all the presentation slides from the series. Visit communities.vmware.com and click on the orange button that says View Bootcamp on it to see the listing of all the scheduled presentations and to register.

And finally, there are a number of VMUG full-day user conferences happening next month. Go to myvmug.com to find a VMUG conference near you and to register.

vExpert Spotlight: Troy Clavell

HeadshotName: Troy Clavell
Twitter handle:@TroyClavell
Current employer: Banner Health

How did you get into IT?

Well, to be honest I got into IT by accident.  In October of 1998 I had a construction accident where I cut off part of my left thumb.  Worker Compensation got involved and wanted to train me on something else and I told them I want to be trained “on anything that has anything to do with computers”.  From there, I completed an 18 month course on everything related to DOS, Novell, NT4, Telecommunications, etc.  As they say, the rest is history.
How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2011 vExpert?

I started working for a Healthcare provider in 2006.  The first day I started I was told I was going to be the VMware guy.  Perfect I thought, but then said to my Director, “what is VMware?”  I have been told that I started working with VMware products at a perfect time.  ESX 3.0 had just been released a short time prior and was a big leap from the ESX 2.5.x days.
I have been fortunate enough to be designated a vExpert since its inception in 2009.  I currently hold vExpert 2009 – 2012 awards.  As of today, I currently hold the top spot on VMTN with over 60,000 points.  I am also a VMTN Moderator.  I am lucky in the fact that my job and my employer allow me to flexibility to be an active member of the VMTN Communities.  I hope that my contributions have helped others.  With that said, I believe my contributions to the Communities have gotten some notice because like I said, I have been fortunate to be designated a vExpert 2009 – 2012

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

I would tell them “just do it”.  Working with VMware’s Enterprise Suite (VI3/vSphere4/5) will give you opportunities to learn a variety of things that will help you with your IT career.  You will get to know networking, RHEL, storage, Microsoft Windows and of course VMware’s product suite.  With that said, getting hands on training, reading lots of documentation and visiting VMTN will only help advance your knowledge of VMware’s product suite.

Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 26 – #tmupdate

By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

It is a very short list this week due to the holiday season that started. I am also enjoying my holiday but managed to sneak out of the “holiday mode” for a second and figured I would still share these 4 posts with you. I am hoping the list will be a bit longer next week…

Blog posts: 

  • Answering some admission control questions (Duncan Epping) http://bit.ly/MRyIoE
  • Cool Fling: Reclaiming deadspace from a thin provisioned guest disk (Duncan Epping) http://bit.ly/LVbnW0
  • vCenter Service Status – vSphere Replication Management Red Alert (Ken Werneburg) http://bit.ly/R4MqG3
  • vShield 5 App Deep Dive Series Part 1: Deployment options for vShield Manager with vCenter Server (Grant Suzuki) http://bit.ly/RxBWPN

vExpert Spotlight: Karel Novak

Image_4500Name: Karel Novák

Blog URL: www.vmware-veeam.cz

Twitter handle: @novakkkarel

Current employer: Arrow ECS, a.s. Czech Republic

How did you get into IT?

My first touch with IT was thanks to one extraordinary person, Mr. Petr Havlik, who introduced me Commodore 64. I started with games and first commands in command line came soon. I felt in love with that „keyboard punching“ immediately. In following years, as I was changing PC over PC, I came to realize that I want IT to become my daily bread. The year I had to choose my high school the fortune was with me as new IT specialized class was open in my hometown and I knew it’s the only thing I want to study. I successfully passed the exam and followed to study at ISSP Purkynova in Brno. After leaving exam I found out, that the only meaningful place to work was Prague. IT Manager in Alliance Unichem, Mr. Bruha, was the only willing to give a chance to fresh IT rookie. So since January 2002 I work for this company (with the same boss ;-)). The only things which changed is my role (from IT technician I became System Engineer Virtual Infrastructure ) and the name of company – Alliance Healthcare s.r.o. Czech Republic. Right after opening doors in my new job I found out, that by leaving exam the real school, in fact, only began. So for last, almost 13 years I learn every single day necessity of learning to keep on the tech edge.

Update 2014:

During 2014 i changed company and move from Alliance Healthcare s.r.o. to Arrow ECS, a.s. Czech Republic. I work as Senior Virtual Infrastructure Engineer , VMware Certified Instructor – Level2 and Veeam Certified Trainer.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

It was in 2007 I first red some articles about virtualization a started to play with VMware Workstation. I installed my first ESX  3.0.1 at the end of the same year just as pure testing. Version 3.5 followed and the breakpoint came with release of vSphere 4, with which I succeeded in my initiative to virtualize business critical workloads. So I work with VMware for last almost 6 years. 2010 I attended my first VMworld and since then I started to write case studies, present and discuss on VMware inside company and „on public“. I’ve become enthusiastic VMware advocate, as for those years VMware solutions proved its maturity, quality and clear business benefits. It was just that enthusiasm, I guess, which won me the honor of vExpert 2012 award and next two years too.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

Just go for it! But it takes a courage, patience and willingness to learn new things each and every day.

If You need help or advise, be free to contact me. 😉

vExpert Spotlight: Mike Preston

MpName: Mike Preston
Blog URL: http://blog.mwpreston.net
Twitter handle: @mwpreston
Current employer: HPEDSB

How did you get into IT?

I became amazed and totaly consumed with computers and IT from the time I was around 8 or 9 when I underwent the major task of cataloguing my massive collection of hockey/baseball cards into WATFILE.  That facination stayed with me through highschool and eventually led me to take the Programmer Analyst program specializing in Java development throughout College.  After that I took a job with a company specializing in Linux based firewalls, mail servers, file servers, etc and realized that I truly had more of passion for system design and administration than programming, which eventually led me to my current position as a Systems Analyst where I'm actively involved in many system wide initiatives and integrations supporting all of our students and staff.
How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

Coming from a Linux background our deployments of ESX 3.x was a natural fit for myself.  Ever since I seen that first vMotion between two hosts I was hooked.  From there I started participating within the VMTN community and attending my local VMUGs in Toronto.  Eventually I landed myself a beta spot on vCenter Operations. From there I ended up at VMworld 2011, started a blog, and really took my participation in the community to the next level utilizing twitter and speaking at VMUGs.  Now I seem to be all consumed with VMware, its' products, and the massive ecosystem that has formed around it.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?
If you are passionate about what you do opportunities will come.  I can't stress the importance of participating in the communities, get active on Twitter and start a blog and share what you know.  Start building your brand and good things will happen.

A week in virtualization

The new VMworld 2012 web theme was unveiled last week. Check it out and register today at vmworld.com

While you are there, book your hotel for VMworld during the registration process. You can save an average of $150 per night. 

The VMware certification team just announced that exams will be half off during the conference. Seats are limited. For more information, go to  http://www.pearsonvue.com/vmware/vmworld/.

Make sure you invite a colleague to attend VMworld. You can earn great FREE rewards like an iPad or a Kindle. Check out the VMworld blog for details and rules.

To all VMworld US Sponsors and Exhibitors, submit your products or services for the “Best of VMworld” awards. The deadline for submission is Friday, July 27. Find out how to enter at the VMworld blog.


In other news,  the Center for Policy and Compliance announced the release of the free vSphere 5.0 compliance checker. Download it today.

The VMware training team has released another set of free online eLearning courses that cover cloud, View, vC Ops, BCDR and other topics. Check them out at blogs.vmware.com/education

Training has also released a new course for vCenter Operations Manager: Analyze and Predict version 5.0. It will teach you skills for using vCenter Ops Manager as a forensic and predictive tool. More information is available at mylearn.vmware.com

The vCenter Operations “Tell Your Story” Contest ends on July 11. The grand prize is a ticket and an opportunity to speak at VMworld 2012! Get more details at the contest page.

Finally, the VMUG full-day user conferences continue in July in Salt Lake City and Indianapolis. The free conferences feature keynotes, breakout sessions, and socialization with industry colleagues from your geographic area. Go to myvmug.com to find a VMUG near you and register.

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #193 – View Secure Mobile Desktop, Andre Leibovici

John Troyer, @jtroyer
Ken, the Intern

Muthu Somasundaram, VMware
Rory Clements, VMware
Andre Leibovici, VMware @andreleibovici

Link to Audio Recording
View Mobile Secure Desktop, New View Book

Virtualization News (VMTN Blog)
Dell/VMware Announces “The Future of Cloud Computing” Think Tank for June 27, 2012 #FutureCloud
Register today for VMworld 2012
VMworld San Francisco – VMware Certification Exams 50% off
VMworld refer a colleague – to win prizes
VMware CP&C releases a FREE vSphere 5.0 hardening guideline compliance checker!
5 New Free elearning Courses
VMware vCenter Operations – Tell Your Story and Enter for a Chance to Win a ticket to VMworld 2012!
VMUG full-day user conferences are all the rage this monthLocate one near you

The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop and the VMware View AlwaysOn Point of Care Desktop  are the first two of four key solutions that VMware has tested and validated. These two solutions, which address specific business needs and IT requirements around the mobile workforce and the need for high availability, are both now available to customers to leverage in their environments.

Mobile Secure Desktop – Validated Design Guide – [PDF]

AlwaysOn Point of Care Desktop Reference Architecture Guide – [PDF]

Getting Desktop Virtualization Right – By Vittorio Viarengo, VP of Desktop Product Marketing, VMware

VMware Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp – Don't miss this!

Reference joint partner validations and offerings

Supporting news and blogs from partners including,

  • LWL (Press Release)
  • Nimble Storage (Press Release)
  • F5 (blog)
  • Nexenta (blog)
  • ZDNet (post)
  • with blog posts from Symantec, Trend Micro, EMC, Atlantis Computing, EMC , Pivot3 (blog) forthcoming.

AlwaysOn Desktop — AlwaysOn Point of Care

VMware Solutions for Healthcare Providers

VMware Healthcare Brochure – [PDF]

[Webcast] – Learn how Kettering Health Network maximized clinician patient time by virtualizing clinician access to data

Mobile Secure Desktop
Find out more about the Mobile Secure Desktop by attending the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp (FREE on-demand training). This Bootcamp features 12 on-demand technical deep dive sessions and covers everything from design best practices to location aware printing.  Begins Monday July 16th with one new session being pushed out daily.  Email invites you can use to forward to channel partners and customers for this will be coming out shortly.

Customers can also register on the site to receive a FREE e-book (collection of all of the material that will be presented in the Bootcamp series).

[Book] - VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions - Jason Langone & Andre Leibovici

  • Secure your Visual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by having firewalls, antivirus, virtual enclaves, USB redirection and filtering and smart card authentication.
  • Analyze the strategies and techniques used to migrate a user population from a physical desktop environment to a virtual desktop solution.
  • A learn-by-example based approach that focuses on key concepts to provide the foundation to solve real world problems

VMware To Acquire Wanova, Intelligent Desktop Solutions Provider

Additional Links