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VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #181 – Cloud Foundry World Tour

John Troyer, @jtroyer
Alex Maier, @vmwarecommunity

Dave McCrory, VMware @mccrory

Link to Audio Recording
Cloud Foundry World Tour

Virtualization News (VMTN Blog)
TechTarget – Top 10 cloud computing leaders in 2012
VMware Announces Spring 3.1 Release Compatibility, Open Source Framework More Popular than Ever

Average monthly Spring downloads via Maven Central have grown 40% year to date and all community participation metrics for Spring are at the highest levels ever recorded.

SpringOne On the Road –  learn about the newest innovations for the framework.
VMware Forum 2012 – hands-on labs and network with more than 1,000 local colleagues and our top partners who’ll be sharing best practice advice
Weekly VROOM virtualization performance show – This week’s episode will focus on NFS.
Friday April 6 – VROOM virtualization performance show will focus on vMotion
vExpert applications have closed, the judging of the applicants is currently ongoing. Final results announced April 15th.

Sign up and register for the vScience, The Science of Virtualization, Workshop in Austin, TX July 23rd-25th, 2012.

vScience, LLC provides workshops and conferences on the science of virtualization and cloud technologies.  With classroom-style, technical hands-on training, taught by highly respected industry experts that facilitate deep-dive technical sessions, vScience fills the virtualization training gap currently not being addressed by other venues.

Dave McCrory Blog

Cloud Foundry Open Tour - A Developer Day for enterprise developers to learn about Open Source Platform-as-a-Service in the cloud. Cloud Foundry allows developers to deploy and scale applications in seconds without worrying about the infrastructure. Whether you are building enterprise Java applications, Ruby-based social media sites or mobile backend systems using Node.js, this special Developer Day is the fastest way to move to the cloud.

Close to 1000 people attended the Beijing Cloud Foundry Open Tour – WOW

Cloud Foundry – Open source cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS)

Deployment Portability – Example – you can write an app on Appfog, and then move it, redeploy it to Cloud Foundry or Stackato (without changing any code) and it will just work!

Micro Cloud Foundry – Now you can run a complete instance of Cloud Foundry on your own computer. 

Cloud Foundry Article on vSamurai.com – Christopher Wells, @wygtya

Mark Lucovsky – Wired article 

Cloud Foundry.com (Service) you can sign-up and use vs Cloud Foundry.org (open source project) build community around the project , code contributions  - main idea is to separate the running the code as a service vs code itself

Cloud Foundry Welcomes .NET Framework Community Contributions

Additional Links

Cloud Foundry on Twitter – @cloudfoundry