We have a number of shows on the road this month.

First, there’s the VMware Forum 2012, which is kicking off Wednesday next week in Dubai, to continue the tour all around the world. From its start on April 11th to the conclusion in Florida on November 15th, the VMware forum will visit dozens of cities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

If you attend in person, they will have hands-on labs on-site for you, and also an opportunity to network with more than 1,000 local colleagues. Our top partners will be sharing best practices and advice in numerous breakout sessions.

We also have a VMware Forum online scheduled for April 12th where you can view a live video broadcast with VMware leadership team, chat with experts who’ll answer your questions live, and navigate a 3D show floor staffed by our industry-leading partners. We will have the online Forum available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Go to and click on the green and blue box with “VMware Forum 2012” in it for a list of all VMware Forum events online and around the world.

In two weeks, the Spring community members are invited to attend the SpringOne On the Road events in Kiev and Moscow in April, and London in May to learn about the newest innovations for the framework. The forum has three parallel tracks covering Essential Spring, Cloud Foundry, and Groovy & Grails.

  • Essential Spring Track covers how to use the latest developments in Spring technology and gives you a preview of what is coming in Spring 3.2. Focused sessions on Spring Data, Spring for Apache Hadoop, and Spring Integration will prepare you for the most challenging problems in dealing with enterprise data as well as help you build rich, multi-client platform web applications.
  • Cloud Foundry Track offers detailed discussions about the industry's first open source platform as a service (PaaS). The sessions cover all the basics for enterprise Java developers, provide analysis of the Cloud Foundry architecture and also give you practical introductions to using other languages and technologies for the true polyglot cloud developer.
  • Groovy & Grails Talks provide an update on the latest versions of Groovy and Grails, practical information about tuning Grails for best performance and cloud platforms as well as a tutorial for creating domain specific languages with Groovy.

Visit to learn more and to register.

These developer-focused one-day events will be co-hosted with the Cloud Foundry Open Tour, which is visiting Austin, TX; Washington, DC; Kiev, Moscow and London over the next four weeks.

The Open Tour events begin with a bootcamp to get started. In it you will learn how to deploy your applications on both the public and micro Cloud Foundry.

There will be sessions covering Spring, Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python, PHP and other Cloud application development tips.

You will also have an opportunity to learn how to use MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Postgres, and RabbitMQ on Cloud Foundry, and build your in-house Platform-as-a-Service.

And of course you will enjoy networking with the experts and other developers behind the leading open source cloud platform for enterprise applications, discuss the latest innovations, and expand your professional opportunities.

Visit for more information.

This Friday, April 6th, at 10am Pacific Time we will premiere the fifth episode of the weekly VROOM virtualization performance show on This week’s episode will focus on vMotion. All episodes are hosted by Todd Muirhead of the Vroom performance blog with a little help from John and me.

There is no need to register, simply go to at 10am Pacific Daylight Saving Time this Friday. See you there!

In closing, I wanted to mention that the vExpert applications have closed and the judging of the applicants is currently ongoing. We will have the final results announced on April 15th. Good luck to everyone who applied!