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New regional group launched: VMTN Deutschland (Germany)

 VMTN Deutschland (Germany) is now live and active. Come check it out.

The group has been created to provide a place for German users to discuss issues specific for their country and to connect with other users in the area.


Regionalgruppe für VMware Nutzer in Deutschland ist nun live. Treten Sie der Gruppe bei, um Deutschland-spezifische Themen zu diskutieren, oder andere VMware Nutzern in Ihrer Region zu finden.

vExpert 2011 Information Form

Please fill out this form to be considered for the vExpert 2011 Program. Forms are due by midnight PST Friday, May 6, 2011. After you fill out the form, an email will be sent to you with a link that will allow you to update your information before the deadline.

For more information on the vExpert 2011 Program, see http://bit.ly/vExpert2011.
To contact the program team, email vexpert@vmware.com

Thanks for all your support.

The VMware vExpert Program Team

  • vExpert 2011 Information

    Please complete the form below to be considered for the VMware vExpert 2011 program

  • About You

  • Activities in 2010

  • 1. Blogging

    In the box below, list your primary blogs, their URLs, your role (owner or contributor), and number of posts in 2010. List up to three blog post URLs that you think exemplify your work, and anything else we should know about your blogging activities in 2010.

  • 2. Other writing 

    In the box below, list any books, white papers, freelance articles, or newsletter you wrote in 2010. Include (and indicate) any editing roles. List up to three URLs that you think exemplify your work, and anything else we should know about your writing activities in 2010.

  • 3. Multimedia

    In the box below, list any videos or podcasts you created in 2010, and your role in creating them. List up to three URLs that you think exemplify your work, and anything else we should know about your multimedia activities in 2010.

  • 4. Events & Speaking

    In the box below, list any events you’ve been involved with, your role (primary organizer, on the organizing team, track lead, panel moderator, speaker, etc.), approximate attendence, topics, and URLs if available. Please include anything else you think we should know about your event and speaking activities in 2010.

  • 5. Online communities

    In the box below, list any online IT communities, forums, or Q&A sites you participated in, either at VMware or elsewhere, including URLs. If you have any indication of activity, such as status levels, points, or badges, list those. Please include anything else you think we should know about your online community activities in 2010.

  • 6. Tools and Resources

    In the box below, list any online tools, utilities, resources, directories, or repositories you helped create for the community, with URLs. These should be either non-commercial or available without cost to users. If a team effort, include your role in creating them. Please include anything else you think we should know about your tool and resource creation in 2010.

  • 7. VMware Programs

    In the box below, list any VMware programs you participated in, such as VMUG leadership, advisory boards, reference programs, or customer councils; and your role in these programs. Please include anything else you think we should know about your VMware program participation in 2010.

  • Above and Beyond

    The vExpert award is for people who demonstrate passion and energy beyond what is normally expected in a job role. In what ways did you go above and beyond your day job to evangelize VMware and virtualization in 2010? 

  • A reference is optional; not including a reference does not penalize your consideration as a vExpert. A reference is recommended only if your activities were primarily not in English; or if they aren’t easily available at a public URL; or if they fall outside the information gathered here. Include a short note and the email of a person at VMware who can act as a reference about your activities in 2010. 

  • Should be Empty:

Top 5 Planet V12N blog posts for week 13

Week 13 closes out the first quarter for VMware, and we had a lot of exciting product technologies launch in the past 3 months!  Remember when I said this year VMware is going to have some huge announcements?  Get ready for more as the year unfolds.  We have some great things brewing behind the magical curtain.  Ok enough teasers, on with the top 5 for week 13, enjoy!

Andre Leibovici – Printing Architectures for VDI – Printing discussions have been a constant during my customer engagements, and generally speaking I noticed that there are misconceptions about printing capabilities delivered with VMware View, ThinPrint and Active Directory Group Policies. In addition to that, there are always those questions from the field about how printing should be handled in a VDI environment. What to do with print queues? Should print drivers be deployed to virtual desktops?

Dave Lawrence – Pause Site Recovery Manager to get the last copy of your data – I was installing Site Recovery Manager in Miami today for a customer who replicates to Atlanta.  I’ve been working with them the last few days to setup SRM and get their Protection Groups and Recovery Plans in place.  One suggestion that I made was to add a Message to their Recovery Plans to pause after the Shutdown of the Primary Site VMs.

Vladan Seget – Presenting 2 Free Tools from Solarwinds for VMware Infrastructure admins – Solarwinds has got many free tools available on their website. Today I choose two of them, which can be used by VMware admins to monitor and manage their ESX(i) hosts and also by adding vCenter to the VM Console. The first free tool is called VM Monitor.

Massimo Re Ferre – The 93.000 Firewall Rules Problem and Why Cloud is Not Just Orchestration – A few days ago I was in a very interesting meeting with a big Service Provider in Europe and I heard a lot of interesting comments. I’d like to quote the best that I heard which was “Oh a portal? Oh not another one… we have many of them already!” but this will open up a different can of worms so I am not going to talk about this now. What I am going to talk about relates to another comment someone made in the middle of the meeting which was “…there is a firewall with 93.000 rules configured“.

William Lam – How to automatically add ESX(i) host to vCenter in Kickstart – While recently updating my Automating Active Directory Domain Join in ESX(i) Kickstart article, it reminded me an old blog post by Justin Guidroz who initially identified a way to add an ESXi host to vCenter using python and the vSphere MOB. The approach was very neat but was not 100% automated as it required some user interaction with the vSphere MOB to identify certain API properties before one could potentially script it within a kickstart installation.


********************* Bonus April Fools post I had to include********************

Colin Steele – VMware CTO Herrod interviews Chewbacca – If this whole CTO-of-VMware thing doesn’t work out, Stephen Herrod just might have a future in comedy.Fresh off the heels of his Microsoft Hyper-V joke at the VMware Partner Exchange conference, here’s Herrod’s April Fool’s Day interview with “VMware’s newest customer,” Chewbacca: